Experience International Education

The Hospitality Managment Program has a goal of educating students who will become stronger and more engaged hospitality industry professionals with the potential to be highly competitive in the global business arena.

We have created a network of international academic partnerships and opportunities for students.

Sample of our approved program partnerships:

Bond University - Gold Coast, Australia: Providing a unique experience outside of studying with activities and events that meet students needs.

Oxford Brookes, England: Provides world-class education that fully prepares you for a successful and fulfilling career in the international hospitality industry.

Australia ICMS - Sydney: At ICMS your student experience will be unique.  You'll earn your qualification in a friendly multicultural environment at one of the world's most stunning campus locations.

RIT Croatia: Where you may choose between Dubrovnik, a world famous tourist destination and a historical town located by the Adriatic Sea, or Zagreb, the capital city and the business center of Croatia.

Griffith University, Australia: Study Abroad and Exchange programs are a unique opportunity for you to experience life in Australia while earning credit towards your home degree.

APICIUS International School of Hospitality - Florence, Italy: Apicius International School of Hospitality is the first International School of Hospitality in Italy.  The city of Florence - a top global destination for millions of tourists and thriving center of cuisine, wine, hospitality and art - offerts an unparalleled natural environment to the School of Hospitality.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain: Develop your skills to become a leader in business, hospitality, or recreation management in the coastal Spanish city of Palma de Mallorca is an ideal experience for students.

ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon: Develop skills to be an effective human resource manager and an integral part of the strategic leadership team.

International Cruise ship Management: This course involves a 14-day cruise from New York to 7 Caribbean where you observe the economic impact on the Caribbean ports and experience the diversity of each island depending on their colonial heritage, and learn the logistics of managing the Hospitality aspects of a Cruise Ship.  J-Term Course.

Dijon, France and Ascoli Piceno, Italy: Learn about and experience food, wine, and cultures; Sustainably-focused agriculture; entrepreneurship, and Policies and issues impacting the food system.

For questions about study abroad programs, please contact:

The UNH Global Education Center OR visit our list of offerings at Search Study Abroad Programs

To see how study abroad can fit into you academic plan set up a meeting with an academic advisor as soon as possible by contacting Paul College Undergraduate Prorgams and Advising, Suite 101. paulcollege.advising@unh.edu


Travel grants are available through UNH Global Education Center.