Participants must first register using the ONLINE registration to compete by the deadline.

Participants must prepare two components as part of their initial entry and upload these to the link provided, by the deadline.

1)  A written summary of up to two pages which includes:

• Team members' names and the name of your product/service/company.
• Responses to Questions # 1 through 10. (See REGISTRATION AND FIRST ROUND SUBMISSION)
• Question numbers.
• Single spaced, 11 point font.
• Maximum length is two pages.

2)  A video with strict maximum length of 90 seconds.

• Your stand-alone original (no off the shelf) video pitch should highlight the following:
• The problem that your product or service is intended to address.
• Your proposed solution – that is, how your product or service addresses the market need.
• How it will attract customer and sales (your value proposition) and investors’ interests.
Technical Specifications

→ .mov or .mp4 file

→ Resolution of 720p or 1280x720 progressive (Note: these mean the same thing - some video programs use one label, while other programs use the other label.)

→ Codec: H.264 set to a minimum of "medium high" quality (Note: most programs ask you to specify quality on a range from Lowest to Highest - somewhere around medium high to high works well, or if it's a numerical scale, about three-quarters of the way up.)

Challenge entrants in both tracks are encouraged to contact UNH’s Parker Media Lab with questions about video formatting. PML is located in the Dimond Library on UNH’s Durham Campus. It is staffed and open Sunday-Thursday 10-10 and Fridays 10-5. You can contact them for advice by phone at (603) 862-1747 to speak with any of the staff team, or by email to reach PML’s manager,

Second Round Submissions:

IF INVITED to the 2nd round: please expand or modify your answers to questions 1 through 10 with more detail, and answer questions 11 through 16 in detail. Support your written submission with a one-page (cover) executive summary and simple pro forma cash-flow and income statements which must be submitted as a single document. At this time you may revise and resubmit your maximum 90-second video.

Maximum length of submission is:

  • One-page executive summary as your cover.
  • Five pages to answer ALL questions.
  • Three more pages (max) with financial statements and other information you may want to submit such as marketing materials, product schematics, timeline or survey data. Some of these materials could be also inserted as part of your answers to the questions.
  • Your entire submission (maximum of 9 pages) must be uploaded as one document.