Charles & Miriam Nelson Poster Competition

More information on the 2023 competition will be shared soon
Charles & Miriam Nelson Poster Competition

Established with a gift from Charles & Miriam Nelson, this poster competition gives students an opportunity to showcase their research into entrepreneurship. Students present a poster and a three-minute oral presentation to two separate teams of judges comprised of representatives from business and industry. Judges have up to three minutes to ask follow-up questions.


$300- 1st place poster in each group
$200- 2nd place poster in each group

    All USNH students can enter!

    • All USNH students are eligible to compete in the Charles & Miriam Nelson Poster Competition.
    • All teams entered in the Paul J. Holloway Prize Innovation to Market Competition are encouraged to participate.
      • This is a great warm up for the Bud Albin Challenge! 
    • You may enter your URC poster in the Nelson Poster Competition. 

    Register for the Nelson Poster Competition by emailing

    creating your poster

    Posters entered in the Nelson Poster Competition should follow the URC Printing Requirements

    Judging criteria

    Judges will evaluate the posters based on the following criteria:

    1. ability to generate enough interest in the concept through a stand-alone poster without verbal explanation of the concept
    2. ability to generate enough interest from a hypothetical venture capitalist for them to consider asking for a formal business plan for the concept. See guidelines for additional information. Teams must register by the deadline.

    Judges will score your poster and oral presentation on the following factors using a seven point scale:

    • Poster Quality – Clarity of message, attractiveness, professionally prepared.  Does the poster generate interest in the concept without verbal explanation?
    • Presentation Quality – Is the team/poster informing or persuading?  Were they convincing, knowledgeable, in command of the situation and on top of the information? Have they presented enough information and explanation to justify their ideas?
    • Professional Presence - Was the team dressed in business attire?  Did they conduct themselves in a professional manner?
    • Judges' Impressions – Why should a judge (potential business investor) care about this proposal?  Did the poster and presentation convey enough important insights into the business proposition that a potential investor would want to see more and/or ask the team to come back to present a complete business plan?
    • Intangible or WOW factor – Did the team and poster leave a lasting impression?
    • Overall

    Either through your poster or in answering the judges’ questions you should be able to communicate the following information (this is only a guide for judges, they may or may not ask you these questions):*

    • Who are you? (company or team)
    • Need – Explain the problem your customers face.
    • Solution – How do you solve this problem?  Don’t describe any technical details.
    • Market – Tell the judges how many people need your product or service.  If you know the market dollar value, tell the judges that, too.
    • Business Model – Explain how you make money.  Do you sell the product to wholesalers for a flat fee?  Do you charge a subscription?  Do you split revenues with a partner?
    • Finanials – How much money do you need?  What makes this an attractive investment?  Some teams will still be working out the specifics.

    *Adapted from Duke Start-Up Challenge 2008 Elevator Pitch


    Note: Information on the 2022 Competition will be added as confirmed.

    To be announced

    2019 TEAMS

    Bizi B
    Ryan Anastasi
    Evan Diaz
    Alexander Leo
    Emily Cunningham
    Faculty Advisor: John Ela

    Jack Doherty
    Will Rasid
    Faculty Advisor: Caitlin DeSoye

    Liquid Hops- 1st Place (Tangible Goods Track)
    Jonathan Carrigan
    Faculty Advisor: Daniel Winans

    MDRemindMe- 1st Place (Software Track)
    Eric Ciarla
    Benjamin Cappiello
    Max Miller 
    Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

    Savannah McMenemy
    Jay Calley
    Colby Barrett
    Alyson Cote
    Faculty Advisor: John Ela

    Daniel Patrazza
    Jonathan Rezendes
    Thomas Macguire
    Devin O'Grady

    Money Master
    Nicole O'Leary
    Emma Woodhouse
    Tuyen Nguyen
    Faculty Advisor: John Ela

    Qian Mao
    Chenxuan Wu
    Faculty Advisor: John Ela

    PUSH- 2nd Place Tie (Software Track)
    Brandon Mello
    Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

    Rad Food Truck
    Chelsea Sihombing
    Emile Steven
    Faculty Advisor: John Ela

    Leilei Chen
    Ruming Deng
    Jiayun Lin
    Fangzhou Xu
    Faculty Advisor: John Ela

    Smart Coffee Maker
    Timothy Farrow
    Brandon Gallagher
    Reece Paquette
    Max Porrazzo
    Faculty Advisor: John Ela

    UNH Lunacats- 2nd Place (Tangible Goods Track)
    Ashley Apostolas
    Koca Chan

    VELV- 2nd Place Tie (SoftwareTrack)
    Christin Badylak-Reals
    Jessica Lavalle
    Matthew Ross
    Faculty Advisor: Ian Grant

    About the Benefactors

    After nearly 15 years of various domestic and international sales and marketing experience at a Fortune 500 corporation headquartered in Framingham, MA, Charles W. Nelson '66 resigned to pursue his goal of establishing an organization that could fulfill a recognized void in the marketplace.

    In July of 1984 Charles and Miriam Nelson '68 founded Nelco Products, Inc. Coupling Charlie's previous experience with Miriam's administrative leadership, they have built one of the region’s largest manufacturing, supply, and distribution companies for zip ties and wire bundling accessories.

    Nelco has pioneered innovative internet marketing strategies, growing their following and dedicated customer base. They are able to leverage their digital marketing work and drive global prospect interest to the company's sales organization and initiatives.

    Nelco has grown rapidly over 35 years, and now has locations in MA, NJ, FL, AL, and CA. Their portfolio of clients and products has grown over the years, but one thing hasn’t changed – their commitment to providing the highest quality zip tie products, over-the-top professional service, fair and very competitive prices