MBA, Class of 2017

Master of Business Administration, Class of 2017



Focus Area

Graduation Date

Joseph Bramanti

Recreation Management and Policy, University of New Hampshire

Marketing, Sales, Consulting

May 2017

Brett Carneiro

Creative Writing, Fordham University

Marketing, Entrepreneurship

May 2017

David Coutoumas

Business Management,
Rivier University

Business Analysis, IT

May 2017

Casey Dupuis

Business Management – Marketing, University of New Hampshire

Marketing, Event Planning

May 2017

Michael Dwyer

Business Admin – Marketing, University of New Hampshire

Marketing, Media

May 2017

Stephanie Field

English and Journalism, University New Hampshire

Technology, Healthcare, Communications

May 2017

Benjamin Goldberg

Business Admin,
University of Denver

Consulting, Management, Marketing

May 2017

Samantha Goode

Art History, University of Texas

Art, Marketing 

May 2017

Willard Hancock

MS in Finance, Southern New Hampshire University

Economics, University of Connecticut


May 2017

Isaac Henry

East Asian Studies,
Wittenberg University

Supply Chain Management

May 2017

Wangkang Hu

Business Admin – Finance, University of New Hampshire


May 2017

Timothy Ivers

Business Admin – Management, Southern New Hampshire University

Project Management

May 2017

Sara Kazamias

Marine Transportation, Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Management, Defense

May 2017

Christopher Keenan

Civil Engineering,
University of New Hampshire

Project Management

May 2017

Neha Kumar

Finance and Marketing, University of Delhi

Finance, Development

May 2017

Yu Liu, CPA

MS in Accounting, CPA, Southern New Hampshire University Marketing, Tianjin ChengJian University

Corporate Finance

May 2017

William Martel

Political Science, St. Anselm College

Defense, Aerospace

May 2017

Sarah Moore

Recreation Management and Policy, University of New Hampshire

Management, Recreation

May 2017

Khue Nguyen

Oriental Studies, Vietnam National University


May 2017

Hyungju Park

Electronic Engineering, Hanyang University

Electronic Engineering, Hanyang University


May 2017

Daniel Prunier

Economics, Colby College

Renewable Energy, Finance

May 2017

Lalaina Randriamanantena

Finance and Economics, Limestone College

Finance, Business Analysis

May 2017

Brian Russo

MP in Liberal Studies, University of New Hampshire

Business Admin – Finance, Western New England College

Marketing, Powersports, Lifestyle, Action Sports

May 2017

Thomas Sattler

Mechanical Engineering, University of New Hampshire

Manufacturing, R&D,

May 2017

Soyoung Yook

J.D., Ph.D., Washington University – Law

Law, Ewha Womans University

Legal, Consulting

May 2017

Yunxhe Zhang

Engineering, Shanghai University of Science and Technology

Medical Equipment

May 2017