How to Apply

Ph.D. Program Overview

Key Features

  • Strong record of tenure-track placements
  • Research specializations in Environmental Economics, Health Economics, and International Economics
  • Work closely with faculty to develop research and teaching skills
  • Coursework in college teaching for those pursuing an academic career
  • Weekly research seminar attracts scholars from around the country
  • Students actively participate in seminar, presenting their own research in later years
  • Students receive financial support to present original research at professional conferences
  • Broad training in economics, including coursework in History of Thought and Methodology


  • Location
    On-campus in Durham, NH
  • Tuition
  • $16,500 (in-state), $33,000 (out-of-state)
  • Program structure
    4 terms during academic year
  • Schedule
    Classes held Monday - Thursday
    Seminars - Friday
  • Laptop requirements
    Windows 7 PC or Mac

The doctoral program builds on an integrative research experience that fosters the development of research skills early on. The cornerstones of this experience are a first-year research project, three econometrics classes in the first year, close faculty mentorship, and a weekly research seminar, where students interact with prominent scholars.

The program’s innovative dual emphasis enables students to become first-rate research economists and accomplished college teachers. Students interested in an academic career earn the Cognate in College Teaching, which is a nationally-known certificate program in pedagogy at the college level. The Cognate builds on the Graduate School's Teaching Excellence Program and its requirements are in addition to those of the Ph.D. degree.

UNH Paul College PHD Economics


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