How to Apply

M.A. Program Overview


Paul College’s M.A. in Economics is one of the most rigorous in the country, and one of the best, ranked 37 in the U.S. by The Financial Engineer (TFE). Students earn their degree in ten months. The program is based on four terms that run from late August through the end of May. Most classes meet four hours per week, providing an equivalent number of contact hours to semester-based programs that require a much greater time commitment.

Key Features

  • 3.5 semester-equivalent courses in applied econometrics and statistics
  • Capstone research project with one-on-one mentoring from dedicated faculty
  • Weekly research seminar that attracts scholars from around the country
  • Flexibility to take courses from the MBA and other programs
  • Coursework counts towards Ph.D. degree; option to continue on for the doctorate
  • New state of the art building with dedicated study areas for M.A. students
  • Scholarships available
  • Record of placements into consulting, government policy, and other high-value jobs


  • Location
    On-campus in Durham, NH
  • For Tuition information, see Business Services
  • Program structure
    4 terms during academic year
  • Schedule
    Classes held Monday - Thursday
    Seminars - Friday
  • Laptop requirements
    Windows 7 PC or Mac

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