Le (Emily) Xu

Associate Professor of Accounting
Paul College 370B
Le (Emily)

Fields of Specialization:

Financial Analyst Forecasts, Valuation Models, Market Timing of Accounting Information and Financial Restatements



Ph.D., Accounting, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
B.B.A., Finance, Beijing University, China



Emily joined the Business School in fall of 2003. Emily’s teaching interests include both financial accounting and managerial accounting. She was recognized for her teaching with the Whittemore School Excellence in Teaching Award in 2008 and the Alan Freeman Prize for Outstanding Teaching in the Graduate Accounting Program in 2008 and 2012. Emily’s research has been published in various peer-reviewed academic journals, including top accounting journals such as the Journal of Accounting and Economics and Accounting Horizons. Her research has been recognized with awards by the Northeast American Accounting Association and by Emerald Literati Network.


Recent Research:

“Auditor-Client Geographic Proximity and Audit Report Timeliness” with B. Dong and D. Robinson. Forthcoming at Advances in Accounting.

"A Contextual Evaluation of Composite Forecasts of Annual Earnings" with P. Eglers, M. Lo, and W. Xie, Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies, 2016, vol. 19 (3): 1-40.

“Restatements: Do They Affect Auditor Reputation for Quality?" with A. Irani and S. Tate, Accounting Horizons, 2015, vol. 29 (4): 829-851.

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“Does the Restatement Disclosure Venue Matter? A Study of Determinants and Market Reaction,” with A. Irani, Accounting Research Journal,  2011, vol. 24, issue 1: 5 - 22.

"Investors' Apparent Under-Weighting of Financial Analysts' Earnings Forecasts: the Role of Share Price Scaling and Omitted Risk Factors." with P. Elgers and M. Lo, Advances in Quantitative Analysis of Finance and Accounting, 2008, vol. 7.

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