Tuck Pescosolido

Chair and Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Management
Paul College 270E

Fields of Specialization:

Team dynamics, team leadership, emotions in organizations, emergent leadership



Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University
B.A., Harvard University


Open Enrollment Program:

Leadership Certificate Program



Before entering academia Professor Pescosolido helped set up the Quality Assurance program for an R&D pharmaceutical firm, facilitated the TQM process for small manufacturing organization, spent 5 years designing and deliverying training sessions for a global management consulting organization, designed and led multiple team-building and leadership development training sessions as an independent consultant. 

His teaching and research activities focus on team design, team building, and the development of effective leaders in organizations. 


Selected Research:

Pescosolido & Saavedra (2012). "Cohesion and sports teams: A review" Small Group Research

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