Mihail K. Miletkov

Associate Professor of Finance
Paul College 355H
Mihail K.
Fields of Specialization

International Finance, Corporate Governance, Privatization


Ph.D., University of Georgia, Finance
B.B.A., University of Georgia, Finance

Recent Research

“Offshore Expertise for Onshore Companies: Director Connections to Island Tax Havens and Corporate Tax Policy.” Management Science, (2017), forthcoming (with Jiang, C., Kubick, T., and Wintoki, M. B.)

“Foreign Independent Directors and the Quality of Legal Institutions.” Journal of International Business Studies, (2017), forthcoming (with Poulsen, A., and Wintoki, M. B.)

“Investor Protection and the Role of Firm-Level Financial Transparency in Attracting Foreign Investment.” Financial Review, 50, (2015), 393-434 (with Hansen, B., and Wintoki, M. B.)

“Board Independence and Firm Performance in China.” Journal of Corporate Finance, 30, (2015), 223-244 (with Liu, Y., Wei, Z., and Yang, T.)

“Corporate Boards and Acquirer Returns: International Evidence.” Managerial Finance, 41, (2015), 244-266 (with Moskalev, S., and Wintoki, M. B.)

“The Role of Corporate Board Structure in Attracting Foreign Investors.” Journal of Corporate Finance, 29, (2014), 143-157 (with Poulsen, A., and Wintoki, M. B.)

“A Cure Rather than a Disease: Government Ownership and Minority Shareholder Protection.” Multinational Finance Journal, 18, (2014), 1-41.

“Financial Development and the Evolution of Property Rights and Legal Institutions.” Emerging Markets Review, 13, (2012) , 650-673 (with Wintoki, M.B.)

“To Liberalize or not to Liberalize: Political and Economic Determinants of Financial Liberalization.” Emerging Markets Review, 13, (2012), 78-99 (with Kaya, I., and Lyubimov, K.)