Inchan Kim

Assistant Professor of Decision Sciences
Paul College 309

Inchan Kim is an assistant professor of Decision Sciences at Paul College of Business and Economics. He earned his Ph.D. in MIS from the University of Oklahoma and an M.S. in Business Administration from Yonsei University. His research primarily examines macro-level IT phenomena through cognitive theoretical lenses—namely, schemas, frames, organizing visions, and institutional logics—by using diverse analytical techniques such as grounded theory, content analysis, text mining, data visualization, time-series, vector autoregression, and qualitative comparative analysis (QCA). Inchan’s specific research interests lie in how social media and big data impact society and organizations and how IT innovations are diffused, implemented, and assimilated. Inchan’s research has appeared in MIS Quarterly and in International Journal of Information Management as well as at prestigious international conferences, including International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) and Academy of Management Meeting (AoM). He is a participant of the 2013 ICIS Doctoral Consortium and is a recipient of two research grants from the Energy Institute at the University of Oklahoma.

Inchan Kim Vita AUG 2017

Field of Specialization

Macro-level Cognition, IT Innovation Impacts, Innovation Diffusion


Ph.D., Business Administration (MIS), University of Oklahoma 2015 
M.S., Business Administration (IS), Yonsei University, South Korea 2009
B.B.A., Management Information Systems, Hyupsung University, South Korea 2006


Journal Publications

Kim, H. J., Kim, I., & Lee, H. G., 2016. “Third-Party Mobile App Developers' Continued Participation in Platform-Centric Ecosystems: An Empirical Investigation of Two Different Mechanisms," International Journal of Information Management (36:1), pp. 44-59.

Miranda, S., Kim, I., & Summers, J., 2015. “Jamming with Social Media: How the Cognitive Structuring of Organizing Vision Facets Affects Innovation Diffusion,” MIS Quarterly (39:3), pp. 591-614.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Bradbury, B. & Kim, I., 2016. “What If 140 Characters Can Impact Your Company’s Market Value? Tweeting Corporate Social Responsibility and Stock Prices in the Financial Sector,” AMCIS, San Diego, California.

Miranda, S., Kim, I., & Wang, D., 2015. “Whose Talk is Walked? IT Decentralizability, Vendor versus Adopter Discourse, and the Diffusion of Social Media versus Big Data,” ICIS, Fort Worth, Texas.

Kim, I., & Miranda, S., 2013. “Buffeting the Technical Core: Entraining Contention to Innovation in the Social Media Era,” AOM Annual Meeting (OCIS Division), Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Kim, I., & Miranda, S., 2013. “How Do Social Media Increase Firm Performance? Entrainment of Innovation to Contention,” AMCIS, Chicago, Illinois.

Summers, J., Miranda, S., & Kim, I., 2013. “Corporate Enactments of Social Control across Social Media Affordances,” AMCIS, Chicago, Illinois.

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Miranda, S., Summers, J., & Kim, I., 2012. “Visions of Social Media: Surfacing Schemas from Firms' Informational Engagements,” ICIS, Orlando, Florida.

Kim, I. 2012. “The Role of Citizenship Behaviors in the Resolution of the Team-level Innovation Paradox,” AOM Annual Meeting (Technology & Innovation Management Division), Boston, Massachusetts.

Carte, T., Wang, N., Yetgin, E., & Kim, I., 2012. “Conflict Asymmetry in CMC and F2F Teams: A Longitudinal, Multilevel Study,” AOM Annual Meeting (OCIS Division), Boston, Massachusetts.

Kim, H. J., Kim, I., & Lee, H. G., 2010. “The Success Factors for App Store-like Platform Businesses from a Perspective of Third-party Developers: An Empirical Study Based on the Dual Model Framework,” PACIS, Taipei, Taiwan.

Kim, H. J., Kim, I., & Lee, H. G., 2009. “An Empirical Study: Examination of the Success Factors for Platform Businesses—Using the Dual Model Framework,” KMIS International Conference, Seoul, South Korea.

Honors and Awards
  • Outstanding Graduate Research Award, Michael F. Price College of Business 2015
  • ICIS Doctoral Consortium Invitee, Milan, Italy 2013
  • AMCIS Doctoral Consortium Invitee, Chicago, Illinois 2013
  • Digital Societies & Social Technologies Summer Institute (DSST) Invitee, U. Maryland 2013
  • Energy Institute Doctoral Research Fellowship Award, U. Oklahoma 2013
  • Alley-Rayonier Grant Award, Michael F. Price College of Business 2013
  • T.H. Lee Williams Grant Award, Graduate College, U. Oklahoma 2013
  • Business Energy Solutions Center Doctoral Research Fellowship Award, U. Oklahoma 2012