Marc W. Herold

Associate Professor of Economic Development, International Affairs, & Women's Studies
Paul College 320
Marc W.
About Marc Herold

I came to the United States from Europe in 1968. My interest in the Third World began then. In both my graduate studies I focused upon Latin America. Coming to NH in 1975, I was hired to teach Third World Development. I now live in NH and in Brazil. I have taught 26 different courses here since joining the Economics faculty. Frequently asked (and criticized), why a development economist should be concerned or know anything about civilian casualties of war? My answer has been that in some thirty years of teaching and researching about the Third World my focus has been upon how “development” has affected the everyday lives of people. Sadly, such development has created an “economic body count” just as war has created a “civilian body count.” My interest in civilian casualties explores how modern wars result in a “war body count,” severely affecting the everyday lives of simple, innocent people struggling to survive. The very same point was made by the former chief economist of the World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz, in his  Globalization and Its Discontents (New York: W.W. Norton, 2002) on p. 24.

Fields of Specialization

Third-Word Economic Development; Brazil; Commodity Chains as a way of Understanding International Engagement; Civilian Casualties of Modern Air Wars; Women and Development; Globalization; History of Consumer Society and Consumption; Political Economy 


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, Economics
M.B.A., University of California, Berkeley
Postgraduate Study in Operations Research, 1 1/2 yrs. Swiss Federal Polytechnic University
B.Sc., Swiss Federal Polytechnic University, Electrical Engineering

Recent Publications

Herold, Marc W., “Nineteenth-Century Bahia’s Passion for British Salted-Cod: From the Seas of Newfoundland to the Portuguese Shops of Salvador’s Cidade Baixa, 1922-1914” (London: Commodity of Empire Working Paper No. 23,  Ferguson Centre, University College London, June 2015), 32 pp. ISSN: 1756-0098 at  (This is an extended version of a paper published earlier in Portuguese)

Herold, Marc W., “The Black Diamonds of Bahia (Carbonados) and the Building of Euro-America: A Half-century Supply Monopoly (1880-1930s),” Commodity of Empire Working Paper No. 21 (London: Ferguson Centre, University College London, April 2013), 38 pp. ISSN: 1756-0098  at  mpire/working-papers/WP21%20%28final%29.pdf

Herold, Marc W., “Rest & Recreation Class and General Petraeus,” Frontline. India’s National Magazine 29, 24 (Dec. 1-24, 2012), 10 pp. at  (A version in Spanish was published in Madrid at

Herold, Marc W., “The Obama/Pentagon War Narrative, the Real War and Where Afghan Civilian Deaths Do Matter,” Revista Paz y Conflictos (Granada, Spain) No. 5 (2012): 44‐64. ISBN 1988‐7221 at

Herold, Marc W., “Ice in the Tropics: the Export of ‘Crystal Blocks of Yankee Coldness’ to India and Brazil,” Revista Espaco Academico, No. 142 (March 2012), 20 pp. ISSN 1519-6186. Published in Portuguese and in English at

Herold, Marc W., “Analyza: Towards an Understanding of the Twenty-year Afghan war (1999-2009) and America’s unipolar moment,” Euro-American Quarterly (Bratislava, Slovakia) (January 23, 2011) at (Contact author for a PDF copy.)

Herold, Marc W., “Afghanistan: Wealth, Corruption and Criminality amidst Poverty. The Collapse of Public Health and Sanitation,” Global Research (Montreal) (September 25, 2010) at  

Herold, Marc W., “Tratando de Comprender los Veinte Anos de Guerra en Afganistan (1898-2009) y El ‘Momento Unipolar’de Estados Unidos,” in Enric Prat Caravajal (ed), Las Raices Historicas de los Conflictos Armados Actuales (Valencia: Publicaciones de la Universitat de Valencia, 2010): 141-169.

Herold, Marc W., “’Unworthy’ Afghan Bodies: ‘Smarter’ U.S. Weapons Kill More Innocents,” in Stephen Rockel and Rick Halpern (eds), ‘Collateral Damage’: Civilian Casualties, War and Empire (London and Toronto: Pluto Press and Between the Lines Press of Toronto, 2009): 303-327.

Herold, Marc W., “Cover Story: Afghan Tragedy. Obama’s Afghan Warm the U.S. Media, and the United Nations: the new metric of civilian casualties,” Frontline. India’s National Magazine 26, 13 (June 30 – July 2, 2009) at 

Honors & Awards

2013: Inducted as Member into the Brazilian state of Bahia' most prestigious academic association, the Instituto Historico e Geographico da Bahia IGHB (Brazil), founded in 1897.

2007: Co-Recipient of Martin Luther King Social Justice Award of the University of New Hampshire for work in the New England Center for Inclusive Teaching (NECIT).

2005: Nominated for Martin Luther King Social Justice Award of the University of New Hampshire.

1998: Invitied to join core faculty in Women's Studies Program.

1996: Student's Choice of Faculty Award.

1994: Brierley Award for Excellence in Teaching at the University of New Hampshire.

1993: Member of Sigma Iota Rho, National Honorary Society for International Studies.

1993: Invited to become faculty in International Affairs.