John Hasseldine

Professor of Accounting and Option Coordinator, Accounting
Paul College 270B


Dr. Hasseldine is a Professor of Accounting and Taxation in the Department of Accounting and Finance and has been at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics since 2011. He teaches advanced managerial accounting and international taxation. Previously he taught for 14 years at the University of Nottingham in the U.K. where he established the Taxation Research Institute – the first of its kind in a UK Business School and supervised 8 Ph.D. students. John, a Kiwi, qualified as an accountant in New Zealand and is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA) based in London. He is the Editor of the international journal, Advances in Taxation, published by Emerald.

Dr. Hasseldine has served on three government committees in the U.K. and was a contributor to the Mirrlees Review of the U.K. tax system conducted by the London-based Institute of Fiscal Studies. He has been an external expert at the International Monetary Fund, a visiting professor at the Australian School of Business in Sydney and a keynote speaker at their international tax administration conference. He travels widely, speaking at national and global conferences, including one on VAT organized by the OECD, World Bank and IMF, and a conference on dealing with the national tax gap held at the U.S. Library of Congress. John has over 80 publications, including four books and monographs and over 900 citations.

Fields of Specialization

tax administration; compliance costs; tax preparers; tax compliance


Ph.D., Indiana University – Bloomington, Kelley School of Business, Accounting, 1997
Master of Commerce, University of Canterbury, Accounting, 1987 (Honours)
Bachelor of Commerce, University of Canterbury, 1985

New Publications

“Taxpayers’ Behavioral Responses and Measures of Tax Compliance ‘Gaps’: A Critique and a New Measure”, (with Norman Gemmell), Fiscal Studies, Vol. 35(3), 2014, 275–296.

“The Impact of Professional Standards on Accounting Judgments: The Role of Availability and Comparative Information” (with Peggy Hite and Darius Fatemi), Research in Accounting Regulation, 2014, 26–39.

“Corporate Social Responsibility and Tax Avoidance: A comment and reflection” (with Gregory Morris), Accounting Forum, Vol. 37 (1), 2013, 1–14. [This article was ranked by Elsevier as one of its 25 most popular articles downloaded from the ScienceDirect platform in 2013].

“The Tax Gap: A methodological review” (with Norman Gemmell) Advances in Taxation, Vol. 20, 2012, 203–231.

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Honors and Awards
  • 2014 Paul College Outstanding Researcher Award