Kholekile L. Gwebu

Associate Professor of Decision Sciences
Paul College 260D
Kholekile L.
Fields of Specialization
  • Data Security

  • Decision Support 

  • IT Outsourcing


Ph.D., Kent State University, Management Systems
M.B.A., Kent State University, Management and Information Systems

B. Com., National University of Lesotho, Accounting

Recent Research

Gwebu, K.L., Wang, J., Guo, L. (forthcoming) Continued Usage Intention of Multifunctional Friend Networking Services: A Test of a Dual-Process Model Using Facebook, Decision Support Systems

Dutta, D., Gwebu, K.L. and Wang, J. 2013. Personal innovativeness in technology, related knowledge and experience, and entrepreneurial intentions in emerging technology industries: A process of causation or effectuation? International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal​.

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