Thomas Gruen

Chair and Professor of Marketing
Paul College 370A
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Sabbatical Spring 2018

Tom Gruen joined the faculty at the Peter T. Paul College at UNH in August 2011, as professor and chair of the marketing department. From 2001-2011, he served on the faculty at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, as professor and also as chair of the marketing and international business departments. From 1996-2001, he was on the faculty at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. He holds Ph.D., MS, and MBA degrees in Marketing from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business. Before entering the academic world, he worked as a retail trade association executive for ten years, managing advertising and publications for membership-based organizations.

Dr. Gruen's research focuses on the management of customer relationships and he is most well known in academic circles for his work in relationship marketing. His current research interests include retail out-of-stocks, category management, sales and marketing outsourcing, post-audits, supplier-retailer scorecards, customer-to-customer value creation, and applications of service-dominant logic. His research has been widely published in highly respected journals including the Harvard Business Review, Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Retailing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Operations Management, and ECR Journal/International Commerce Review.

Among industry circles, Dr. Gruen is most well-known for his research and expertise on out-of-stocks of fast-moving consumer goods. From 2000-2007, he served as the primary investigator for two major research grants from the Procter & Gamble Corporation, and led the international research project team that produced “Retail Out-of-Stocks: A Worldwide Examination of Extent, Causes, and Consumer Responses,” in 2002. Along with his research partner from the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, Dr. Daniel Corsten, he completed a follow-up study titled “A Comprehensive Guide to Retail Out-of-Stock Reduction in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Industry,” published in 2008. His work on retail out-of-stocks has become the industry standard, and he is frequently invited to speak on the topic of retail out-of-stocks to audiences world-wide.

At UNH, Dr. Gruen teaches the core marketing management course for the MBA and Executive MBA programs. At UCCS, he taught e-commerce and marketing strategy to Executive MBA, MBA, and undergraduate classes. While at Emory, he taught Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Research to MBA classes as well as in executive education programs. In addition to the above responsibilities, he has served as a Visiting Professor at ESCP in Paris, France, and provides regular executive teaching for TKK Executive Programs of Helsinki, Finland.

Tom currently lives with his family in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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Fields of Specialization

Retail out-of-stocks, category management, membership relationships, retailer-supplier relationships, outsourcing of sales and marketing activities, retailers' post-audit practices, customer-to-customer value creation, service-dominant logic


Ph.D., Indiana University - Bloomington, Business
M.S., Indiana University - Bloomington, Business Managerial Marketing
M.B.A., Indiana University - Bloomington, Marketing
B.A., Gordon College, Political Science

Recent Research

Refereed / Peer Reviewed Publications

For a listing of citations, visit:  

Guo, Lin, Eric J. Arnould, Thomas W. Gruen, and Chuanyi Tang (forthcoming 2013 or 2014), “Socializing to Co-produce: Pathways to Consumer Well-Being,” Journal of Service Research; accepted for publication March 3, 2013.  

 Ehrenthal, Joachim, Thomas W. Gruen, and Joerg Hofstetter (forthcoming 2013 or 2014), “Value Attenuation and Retail Out-of-Stocks: A Service Dominant Logic Perspective,” International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management; accepted for publication February 7, 2013.

Corsten, Daniel, Thomas W. Gruen, and Marian Peyinghaus (2011), “The Effects of Supplier-to-Buyer Identification on Operational Performance—An Empirical Investigation of Inter-Organizational Identification in Automotive Relationships,” Journal of Operations Management 29 (6), 549-560.

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Corsten, Daniel and Thomas W. Gruen (2003), “Desperately Seeking Shelf Availability:  An Examination of the Extent, Causes, and Efforts to Reduce Retail Out-of-Stocks,” International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, November/December. *Selected for Emerald Literati Club Award for Excellence 2004.

Gruen, Thomas W. and Daniel Corsten (2002), “A Worldwide Look at Causes and Consumer Responses of Out-Of-StocksA Worldwide Look at Causes and Consumer Responses of Out-Of-StocksA Worldwide Look at Causes and Consumer Responses of Out-Of-StocksA Worldwide Look at Causes and Consumer Responses of Out-Of-StocksRising tRising to the Rising to the Challenge of Out-Of-Stocks,” ECR Journal, The International Commerce Review, 2 (2), Fall, 45-58.  *Reprinted in full in 3rd International ECR Research Symposium handbook, September 2003, pp. 35-41.

Gruen, Thomas W. (2002), “The Evolution of Category Management,” ECR Journal, The International Commerce Review, 2 (1), Spring, 16-25.

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Gruen, Thomas W., John Summers, and Frank Acito (July 2000), “Relationship Marketing Activities, Commitment, and Membership Behaviors in Professional Associations,” Journal of Marketing, 64(3), 34-49.

Invited Articles, Books, Book Chapters, and Published Research Reports

Note: Most research on out-of-stocks can be downloaded from

Gruen, Thomas W., Daniel Corsten, and Sundar Bharadwaj (2009),  Out of Stock, in Empirical Generalizations about Marketing Impact, Dominique M. Hanssens, Editor, Marketing Science Institute, Cambridge, MA, 2009.

Gruen, Thomas W. and Daniel Corsten (2008), A Comprehensive Guide to Retail Out-of-Stock Reduction in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Industry, Grocery Manufacturers of America, Washington, DC, ISBN: 978-3-905613-04-9. (PDF download available at

Gruen, Thomas W. (2008), Retail Out-of-Stock Reduction in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry (translated into Portuguese: Eliminando as rupturas de estoque), Industry and Commerce Daily, available at              

Parvatiyar, Atul, Naveen Donthu, Thomas Gruen, and Vijay Kasl (2007). Outsourcing is In! How CPG Companies Enhance Performance, Reduce Cost, and Increase ROI through Out-sourcing Sales and Marketing. ASMC Foundation, Washington D.C., ISBN: 0-9774178-5-9.

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Gruen, Thomas W., Daniel Corsten and Sundar Bharadwaj (2002). Retail Out of Stocks:  A Worldwide Examination of Causes, Rates, and Consumer Responses.  Washington, D.C.: Grocery Manufacturers of America.  This comprehensive report examines 661 retail outlets and 71,000 consumers across 29 countries worldwide. Study was funded by a grant from the Procter & Gamble Corporation; (PDF download available by clicking here or copy and paste the following web address:

Parvatiyar, Atul and Thomas W. Gruen (2001), “Global Account Management Effectiveness: A Contingency Model,” white paper series, Center for Business and Industrial Marketing, Georgia State University, available at

Gruen, Thomas W. (2000), “Membership Customers and Relationship Marketing,” in Jagdish Sheth and Atul Parvatiyar:  Handbook of Relationship Marketing, Sage Publications.

Professional Experience

Work History

  • CBA Service Corporation, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1983 to 1992. Trade association executive. Last position (1989-1992) was Vice-President, Communications Division.
  • Illinois Bell, Media Marketing Department, Chicago, Illinois, 1980 to 1982.  Account Executive. 

Consulting and/or Service Relationship History

  • CorVirtus, Colorado Springs, Colorado (marketing strategy and market research)
  • Aldata Corporation users group, Lyon, France and Atlanta, GA (retail research)
  • ASMC Foundation / Grocery Management Association, Washington, DC (market research)
  • Atmel Corporation, Colorado Springs, CO (product research)
  • and the Business StartUp Institute, Colorado Springs, CO (e-commerce)
  • Life Network, Colorado Springs, CO (program assessment and market research)
  • iCRM, Institute of Customer Relationship Management, Atlanta, GA (research fellow)
  • PRG – Schultz, Atlanta, GA (channel relationships / best practices research)
  • Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH (customer research)
  • Baptist Healthcare System, Nashville, TN (market research, program assessment)
  • National Embryo Donation Center, Nashville, TN (market research, program assessment, social media planning)
  • Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta, GA (confidence index research)
  • American Cancer Society, Atlanta, GA (marketing strategy, marketing research)
  • National Association of Life Underwriters, Washington, DC (market / member research)
  • Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, Washington DC (member research)
Honors & Awards

Grants Received

  • Co-principal investigator (with Daniel Corsten) of Procter & Gamble research grant for “Out-of-Stock Attenuation: Linking the Root Causes of Retail Out-of-Stocks to Sustainable Solutions that Increase On-Shelf Availability of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods.” Grant received October 2004, for 2005-2007 study.
  • Co-investigator on Grocery Management Association (GMA) funded grant to study the value of outsourcing marketing and sales activities to third party brokers, with Institute of Customer Relationship Management (iCRM), 2005-2007 study.
  • Principal investigator of Committee on Research and Creative Works (CRCW) grant to study Post-Audit relationship best practices, UCCS 2004.
  • Principal investigator of Procter & Gamble grant for the study, “Retail Out of Stocks: A Worldwide Examination of Extent, Causes, and Consumer Responses,” 2000-2002.
  • Co-investigator (with Andrew Czaplewski and Eric Olson) of Colorado Tobacco Research Program Grant, 2003-2004, UCCS.
  • Co-investigator (with Sundar Bharadwaj) of ISBM grant to research team selling effectiveness, 1999-2001, Emory University.

Academic Honors

  • Outstanding Intellectual Contribution Award, College of Business, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, 2006.
  • Outstanding Faculty Member Award, College of Business, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, 2004.
  • Member of ECR / GCI Global Scorecard project, 2000-2005.
  • ECR-Europe Academic Advisory Panel, 2003-2006 
  • Emerald Literati Club Award for Research Excellence 2004
  • Winner of the William R. Darden Award for Best Research Methodology Paper at 2002 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference.
  • Winner of Academy of Marketing Science Doctoral Dissertation Award, May 1998.
  • Track chair for the Enhancing and Maintaining Relationships with Customers track at the Relationship Marketing Conferences sponsored by Emory University, 1998 and 2000. 
  • AMA Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 1995.

Editorial and Reviewer Service

  • Editorial Review Board for Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2004-2009.
  • Editorial Review Board for ECR Journal / International Commerce Review 2001-2006.
  • Regular reviewer for Journal of Marketing, 2002-2011.
  • Regular reviewer for Journal of Retailing, 2002-2011.
  • Regular reviewer for Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2002- 2003, 2010-2011.
  • Ad-hoc reviewer for Journal of Business Research, 2001, 2006-2009.
  • Ad-hoc reviewer for Journal of Retail and Consumer Services, 2004, 2007.
  • Ad-hoc reviewer for International Journal of Research in Marketing, 1999-2001.
  • Ad-hoc reviewer for Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 1995.
  • Regular reviewer for Summer and Winter American Marketing Association Educators Conferences, 1998-2011.
  • Reviewer for other various conferences and journals, 1997-2011.