Andrew Earle

Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship
Paul College 360K

Andrew Earle CV April 2017

Professor Earle’s research interests grew out of a long-held fascination in the transformational power of innovation. The core of his research program is developing new ways of understanding how innovations move from initial invention to marketable products, services, and business models; and how this process affects and informs the strategies of participating organizations. For empirical contexts, he focuses on disruptive innovations in chemistry, energy, and other high-potential fields. His research has been funded by the Strategy Research Foundation, VentureWell, US Department of Treasury, and the National Science Foundation. His most recent research focuses on extra-organizational levels of analysis including, networks, eco-systems, and communities. Professor Earle has presented his research at Academy of Management; Sustainability, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship; GRONEN, Asian Academy of Management, and Strategic Management Society meetings and published in leading management journals including Research Policy and Administrative Science Quarterly.

In addition to his innovation-focused research program, Professor Earle is also a thought leader in business education for the “Millennial” generation and designing interdisciplinary entrepreneurship systems. VentureWell and the Schulze Family Foundation have supported his work in this area and he has presented on this subject at the OPEN, European Entrepreneurship Education, National Innovation Network, and Deshpande Symposium meetings. His efforts in this area (as part of UNH’s NSF-funded Pathways to Innovation team) recently earned national recognition with an award from VentureWell for “Scaling and Sustaining Impact in Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Education” and have been invited to appear in an upcoming issue of Advances in Engineering Education. Professor Earle also holds a USASBE Technology Entrepreneurship Education certificate, is a Certified Lean Launchpad Educator, and has designed numerous innovative entrepreneurship-oriented courses from the ground up.

Before pursuing his Ph.D., Professor Earle had experience in new ventures, consulting, and as a University of Oregon Technology Entrepreneurship Fellow. In addition to his formal teaching and research roles, he serves as the Chair of UNH’s Holloway Prize business proposal competition, the faculty advisor to UNH Entrepreneurship Club, Co-PI of UNH’s NSF I-Corps Site, and a board member for BrewNH.


Ph.D., University of Oregon, Management
M.B.A., University of Oregon, Entrepreneurship concentration
M.A., Washington State University, Economics
B.A., Western Washington University, Economics and Communications

Fields of Specialization

Innovation oriented business strategy, technology entrepreneurship, organizational ambidexterity, interorganizational networks

Recent Research


  • Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Andrew Nelson, Andrew Earle, Julie Hack and Douglas Young. “’If Chemists Don’t Do it Who’s Going To?’ Peer-Driven Occupational Change and the Emergence of Green Chemistry.” Forthcoming in Administrative Science Quarterly.
  • Andrew Earle "Expanding the Geographic Scope of University Entrepreneurship Research: Theoretical Justification and Empirical Evidence” Journal of International Management Studies Vol. 12, Num.1, February, 2017.
  • Andrew Nelson, Andrew Earle, Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Julie Haack, and Doug Young. “Do Innovation Measures Actually Measure Innovation? Obliteration, Symbolic Adoption, and Other Finicky Challenges in Tracking Innovation Diffusion” Research Policy, Volume 43, Issue 6, 2014, Pages 927–940.
  • Andrew Nelson, Andrew Earle, Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Julie Haack, and Doug Young. “Obliteration, Symbolic Adoption, and Other Finicky Challenges in Tracking Innovation Diffusion” 2012 Academy of Management Annual Meeting Best Paper Proceedings.


Manuscripts Under Review

  • Michael Russo, Andrew Earle, Brooke Lahneman, and Suzanne Tilleman. “Geography, Personal Values, and Hybrid Companies.” Manuscript under review at Administrative Science Quarterly.
  • Andrew Earle and Andrew Nelson. " Network Structure, Network Composition and Organizational Ambidexterity: Evidence from Technology Commercialization in Chemistry." Manuscript under review at Strategic Management Journal.
  • Tevfik Aktekin, Andrew Earle and Jeffery Sohl. “Resources Acquisition in Strategic Factor Markets by Early Stage Ventures: A Bayesian Perspective.” Manuscript under review at Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.
  • Yusi Turell and Andrew Earle. “Social Entrepreneurs and Field-Level Change: An Institutional Process Model of Social Entrepreneurship.” Manuscript under review for inclusion in Johns Hopkins University Research in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Series.


Research Awards

  • Best Research Paper Award, 2016 GRONEN Research Conference. Michael Russo, Andrew Earle, Brooke Boren and Suzanne Tilleman. “Geography, personal value, and hybrid companies: the local roots of enlightened entrepreneurship.”
  • Best Research Paper Award, 2015 Sustainability, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship Conference. Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Andrew Nelson, Andrew Earle, Julie Hack and Douglas Young. “Insider-Driven Change in Fields of Practice: Exploring the Case of Green Chemistry.”
  • Second Place. 2014 INFORMS Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Section’s Best Dissertation Award. Earle. “Explore with Strangers, Exploit with Friends: Organizational ambidexterity and networks in successful technology commercialization”