Rachel L. Campagna

Assistant Professor of Management
Paul College 270D
Rachel L.

Rachel was awarded the “Best Teaching Award” at the University of Pittsburgh in 2012. She has taught MBA courses on Leadership and Group Effectiveness and Conflict Resolution in the Workplace. She teaches undergraduate courses on Negotiating in Business and Organizational Behavior. She is also involved in corporate consulting with organizations such as ANSYS, Inc., The Department of Corrections, and Draper Laboratories.

Her research focuses on factors such as trust and emotion affect negotiation and work relationships. Her current work examines how these factors interrelate to improve negotiation outcomes and motivate cooperative behavior after the deal. Her research has appeared in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Applied Psychology, as well as at conferences such as the Academy of Management, and the International Association for Conflict Management. She also sits on the editorial board for the Journal of Trust Research.


Ph.D., Washington State University in St. Louis, Organizational Behavior
M.L.H.R., The Ohio State University, Labor and Human Resources
B.A., Allegheny College, Psychology


I study interpersonal trust in a workplace context. My research also examines how trust and emotion affect a negotiation and the implementation of a deal.

Recent Research

Campagna, R., Mislin, A., Bottom, W., & Kong, D. T. (2016). Strategic Consequences of Emotional Misrepresentation in Negotiation: The Blowback Effect. Journal of Applied Psychology, 101, 1-20.

Mislin, A. Campagna, R., & Bottom, W. (2011). After the deal: Affect, trust building, and the implementation of negotiated agreements. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 115, 55-68.