Tevfik Aktekin

Associate Professor of Decision Sciences
Paul College 260J
Fields of Specialization

Bayesian Inference, State Space Time Series Analysis, Bayesian Queuing Theory


Ph.D., The George Washington University, Decision Sciences, 2009
M.B.A., The George Washington University, Management Decision Making, 2004
B.Sc., Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Mechanical Engineering, 2002


Statistics and Operations Research:

Aktekin, T., Polson, N., and Soyer, R. (2018) “Sequential Bayesian Analysis of Multivariate Count Data”, Bayesian Analysis, Vol 13 (2), pp. 385-409.

Aktekin, T. and Ekin, T. (2016), “Stochastic Call Center Staffing with Uncertain Arrival, Service and Abandonment Rates: A Bayesian Perspective”, Naval Research Logistics, Vol 63 (6), pp. 460-478.

Aktekin, T. and Musal, M. (2015) "Analysis of Income Inequality Measures on the HIV Mortality: a Spatio-Temporal Bayesian Perspective", Journal of The Royal Statistical Society: Series A, Vol. 178 (2), pp. 383-403.

Aktekin, T. and Soyer, R. (2014) "Bayesian Analysis of Abandonment in Call Center Operations", Applied Stochastic Models, Vol. 30 (2), pp. 141-156.

Aktekin, T. (2014) "Call Center Service Process Analysis: Bayesian Parametric and Non-parametric Mixture Modeling", European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 234 (3), pp. 709-719.

Aktekin, T., Soyer, R. and Xu, F. (2013) "Assessment of Mortgage Default Risk via Bayesian State Space Models", Annals of Applied Statistics, Vol. 7 (3), pp. 1450-1473. 

Aktekin, T. and Caglar, T. (2013) "Imperfect Debugging in Software Reliability: A Bayesian Perspective", European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 227 (1), pp. 112-121.

Musal, M. and Aktekin, T. (2013) "Bayesian Spatial Modeling of HIV Mortality via Zero-inflated Poisson Models", Statistics in Medicine, Vol. 32 (2), pp. 267-281.

Aktekin, T. and Soyer, R. (2012) "Bayesian Analysis of Queues with Impatient Customers: Applications to Call Centers", Naval Research Logistics, Vol. 59 (6), pp. 441-456.

Aktekin, T. and Soyer, R. (2011) "Call Center Arrival Modeling: A Bayesian State Space Approach", Naval Research Logistics, Vol. 58 (1), pp. 28-42.

Business Applications:

Aktekin, T., Dutta, D. K. and Sohl, J. E. (2017), "Entrepreneurial firms and financial attractiveness for securing debt capital: a Bayesian analysis", Venture Capital, forthcoming.

Yalcinkaya, G., Aktekin, T., Yeniyurt, S and Umar, S. (2017), “How Often Should a Firm Modify its Products? A Bayesian Analysis of Automobile Modification Cycles”, Marketing Letters, Vol. 32 (1), pp. 85-97.

Yalcinkaya G. and Aktekin T. (2015), ”Brand Extension Effects and Core Attributes of Experience Product Franchises: A Bayesian Approach”, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Vol. 32 (5), pp. 731-746.

Book Chapters:

Soyer, R., Aktekin, T., and Kim, B. (2015), Bayesian Modeling of Time Series of Counts with Business Applications, Handbook of Discrete-Valued Time Series.

Honors and Awards
  • University of New Hampshire, Peter T. Paul College, Full Time MBA Best Instructor Award, 2017.
  • University of New Hampshire, Outstanding Assistant Professor Award of Teaching, Research and Service (University level), 2016.
  • University of New Hampshire, Peter T. Paul College, Excellence in Teaching Award for Tenure Track Faculty, 2015.
  • University of New Hampshire, Peter T. Paul College, Full Time MBA Best Instructor Award, 2014.
  • The George Washington University, Philip Amsterdam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award for Outstanding Teaching 2009, honorable mention (No: 1 in the school of business, Top 5 university wide).