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What skills and knowledge will be needed to meet the challenges of the future?  As organizations increasingly rely on teams to complete complex tasks, sharp teamwork becomes essential. 


There are a lot of ideas about how to increase team performance.  One idea is founded in scholarly research, Shared Leadership. 


“The general idea is that leadership is more of a process and less of a person,” explains the researcher and program instructor, Dr. Michael Kukenberger.  “It’s the idea that multiple people are taking on a leadership role.”  Kukenberger is an assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics. 


Shared Leadership is one of the concepts covered on day four of the six-day Leadership Certificate Program now accepting enrollments at the University of New Hampshire. 


Rather than consider leadership from a trait perspective, in that a certain person has certain attributes toward leadership such as contentiousness, extroversion or confidence, it’s more of a process -- where people interchange leadership. 


“It’s granting and claiming,” explains Kukenberger.  “I might grant you leadership, you might claim leadership, maybe because we both have certain traits or unique skills that the other does not have.” 


Shared leadership is emergent leadership in that people take on a role.  It’s informal in that it is not necessarily assigned.  It’s also collective in that multiple people would be doing it. “It better utilizes knowledge and expertise,” Kukenbrger says.  “Shared leadership is well suited for the evolving nature of work.


Leadership Certificate Program is $5,900 and covers six days, May 11 & 12, and June 7, 8, 20, & 21. 


Leadership Certificate Program

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