Strategic Decisions

Learning to make those high stakes strategic decisions


Strategic decisions all have a certain amount of ambiguity in them, a certain amount of incomplete information.  They are very high stakes.

Strategy is the final session in a six-day Leadership Certificate Program now accepting enrollments at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics.  It is taught by Peter Lane, Associate


Dean of Faculty and Administration and Professor of Strategic Management and Technology.


“The outcome of strategic decisions depends how people implement them and how customers, suppliers, and competitors respond to them,” says Lane.  “So anyone who is, or who anticipates they will be, leading any kind of group where they have bottom line responsibility needs to have the strategic leadership perspective.” 


Strategic Leadership perspective is the art and science of developing, communicating, and implementing an organization’s long-term recipe for success.  That perspective helps leaders deliver bottom line results by being both operationally efficient and strategically insightful. 


Strategic leadership is required at all levels of an organization.  “I’ve met nurse practitioners who are great strategic leaders of their business units,” Lane recalls.  "They’ve learned to understand what the key performance factors are and have developed and

Make strategic decisions

communicated from long term strategic priorities.” 


Lane uses a set of frameworks and tools that help leaders understand a situation, understand their organization, and figure out the best way to move both forward. 


“The tools are there to help leaders develop judgment,” Lane says.  “I believe judgment comes from experience, but the learning curve can be accelerated with the right tools in process.”


Leadership Certificate Program is $5,900 and covers six days, May 11 & 12, and June 7, 8, 20, & 21. 


Leadership Certificate Program

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