Strategic Application Project

Learn by Doing


While many of the challenges facing leaders are common, classroom learning should include opportunities for participants to work on their own unique challenges.  The new Leadership Certificate Program offered through the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics does just that.Learn by doing


Before the program begins, enrolled participants work with their managers to define a developmental “learn by doing project.”


“It’s something above and beyond regular duties that provides an opportunity to learn and apply new leadership skills,” explains Dan McCarthy, Director of Executive Development Programs.  “The assignment may, and usually does, end up addressing multiple developmental needs.”


Ideally, managers will give participants something important to do that they’ve not done before as a way to develop them.  The project helps turn the Leadership Certificate Program into an action learning environment, a place where participants work on real projects and learn at the same time. 


“What happens in class gets applied to a real project where the risks and rewards are high,” says McCarthy.  “At the end of the day, challenging assignments are one of the few ways to actually become a better leader.”


Learn by doingThe program offers multiple opportunities for participants to work on unique challenges, like instruction, individual assessment, peer coaching, practice, and two hours of one-on-one coaching. 


Forward-thinking companies who invest in leadership development for their high-potentials are drawn to programs offering measurable result. 


“While personal development and success is important, companies often want to see a more immediate, tangible return on their investment,” said McCarthy. “In the final half day, I’ll be helping participants design an action plan that addresses barriers to executing their own strategic application project.  We’ll follow that up with an hour of coaching. That way, both the individual AND the sponsoring organization get a good ROI.”


Leadership Certificate Program is $5,900 and covers six days, May 11 & 12, and June 7, 8, 20, & 21.


Leadership Certificate Program


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