Authentic Leadership Program

  • At the pivotal moments in your career

    Find your True North.

  • A 360-degree assessment is included

    Assess yourself on 12 competencies of outstanding performers.

  • Develop higher emotional intelligence

    Authentic Leadership Program

  • Enjoy leading more

    when your leadership is truly authentic.



This two-day intensive Leadership Development Program is designed for people with significant professional experience who seek to advance or transform their roles within their senior leadership circles.


About the 360-degree assessment - included in your tuition

Emotional and social intelligence makes the difference between a highly effective leader and an average one. The real benefit comes from the 360° view into the behaviors that differentiate outstanding from average performers. It helps managers and professionals create competitive advantage for their organizations by increasing performance, innovation and teamwork, ensuring time and resources are used effectively, and building motivation and trust.  It describes 12 competencies that differentiate outstanding from average performers.

Learn more about your 360

Emotiona and Social Competency Inventory 360 evaluation brochure
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There are financial incentives for sponsoring an open enrollment program.  When a program reaches twenty-four participants, the sponsor’s five original participants attend at no charge.  Incentives start when twelve are enrolled.

Contact:  Dan McCarthy


Sponsor Authentic Leadership Program:  $1,000 per participant, plus incentives
Open enrollment price:  $1,399
Early Bird: $1,260
USNH* Alums:  $1,134 by early bird

*USNH = University of New Hampshire, Plymouth State University, Keene State College and Granite State College. 

Fee includes all program materials, 360-degree assessment, meals during the program (continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks) and Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Scholarships are offered to New Hampshire-based leaders from public service and education sectors, as well as state and local government and non-profit organizations.  Please click on the link for more details and the scholarship application form.


Program Dates:
Sponsor chooses dates

Program Location:
Sponsor chooses location

Sponsor chooses hours up to 16 hours of instruction time.

Registration and Cancelation Policies:

No penalty and full refunds for cancelations up to 30 days.  UNH reserves the right to cancel this program up to 14 days in advance. Minimum enrollments apply.

Snow dates are subject to this cancelation policy.

For detailed information, please see our cancelation policy.

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Learning Experience

A sample schedule for the 2 day Authentic Leadership Program follows. Please note, this schedule is subject to change and a more detailed agenda will be presented to enrolled participants.

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Program Instructors

Authentic Leadership Program faculty


Dr. Vanessa Druskat

Vanessa Druskat, Ph.D. is the faculty Co-Director for the Authentic Leadership Program and Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at the University of New Hampshire's Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics. She is also a sought after speaker and consultant in the areas of work team effectiveness and emotional intelligence. Dr. Druskat has conducted numerous leadership and team development seminars and workshops domestically and internationally for organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to public schools.


Dr. Carole Barnett

Carole K. Barnett, Ph.D. is the faculty Co-Director for the Authentic Leadership Program and Associate Professor of Management at the University of New Hampshire's Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics. She teaches, conducts research, and consults in the areas of organizational leadership and learning, change and transformation, design and development, and culture. She has worked with senior executives and managers to develop their organizational capability for transformative leadership and change. Dr. Barnett teaches undergraduate, graduate and executive-level students and has received numerous awards for teaching excellence.


Who Attends?

Who should attend?

Authentic Leadership is designed for individuals with 5-10 years of progressive management experience who are at pivotal moments in their careers. Organizations would leverage this program as a way to invest in the development of their high potential leaders.

Participants have typically developed a reasonably extensive business and functional skill set.  Thus, the Authentic Leadership Program explores leadership broadly and deeply.

This program will be most beneficial for you if you are:

A business unit or a functional leader in a large company
An executive or officer in a small to mid-sized company
A business owner or entrepreneur
An executive director in nonprofit sector
A department heads or an official from public sector

Past participants include: Associate Professor, Attorney, Consultant, Controller, Dean, Deputy Director, Engineer, Executive Director, Financial Analyst, Manager, Superintendent, Vice President, and many others. 

You can expect to be in the company of other, high-achieving leaders who face similar challenges and opportunities. Peer coaching, collaboration, and the establishment of lasting networks are essential elements of the learning experience.



Authentic Leadership Program is designed to achieve the following critical learning objectves:


  • Focus on your Leadership Identity: including the key events and influences that have shaped your character and values as a leader
  • Gain a current perspective of your leadership skills and emotional intelligence through a self‑assesment and 360⁰ assessment
  • Build self awareness of leadership strengths to create a post-program personal development plan
  • Increase knowledge and insight about current challenges and advantages for leaders
  • Develop executive capabilities in strategic networking, communicating,  and influencing others
  • Create meaningful, life-long professional networking contacts with participants and Authentic Leadership Program's accomplished instructors

These learning objectives will underlie the framework of Emotional Intellgience (EI), shown below.



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"I really wish I had participated in this class 20+ years ago.  I think it should be part of each graduate program in my field – nursing."

Karen Lord
New England Organ Bank


"Having access to expert faculty, leadership coaches, authors, and peer professionals from banking and manufacturing to nonprofits and marketing was invaluable. We soaked up every opportunity to think deeply about leadership concepts and how those concepts manifest themselves in our professional lives. I would describe the experience as a total immersion ‘think tank’ atmosphere.  The bonus:  We stay accountable to ourselves and to one another through group and individual coaching sessions and professional networks that will propel us even further in our careers."

Tracy Manforte Sweet ’92
Director of Communications
Phillips Academy, Andover


"Take that next step in your career with the assurance of knowing the materials, case studies, and group exercises provided during this program will be superbly relevant and interesting. The instructors carefully created a supportive and dynamic learning experience. I'm applying the feedback and knowledge I gained every day in my work environment and so will you.”

Susan Anne Terzakis
Terzakis & Associates, LLC


"In my 20+ years of organizational development work, I have not once conducted a comprehensive self assessment of my performance." 
2015 Participant


The ability to slow down and self-analyze has been incredibly impactful - particularly in such a supportive and safe environment.
2015 Participant



For Authentic Leadership Journey Lines with Carole Barnett, Ph.D.

"More emotional than expected, perhaps because we so rarely take the time to reflect on our journey.  Powerful!" 

"A very interesting exercise, and a wonderful opportunity to put value and credence to life experiences that we may take for granted without contemplating their influence. "

"I was skeptical of the usefulness/applicability of this topic before Carole taught it. Now I know how fundamental having an articulated purpose is to my success as a leader."

"For me this was a good exercise and very timely. It brings a different perspective to how we are today as leaders."

"This was the scariest part for me. I will connect with Carole so that I can get more out of this approach."

"Will bring this to my group."

"Carole was real and approachable in her delivery. She helped me realize that my journey and my purpose is actually much different than I ever realized."

"It was a great way to delve into my past to figure out why I am who I am and who I would like to become.  It set the stage for the beginning of my journey."


For Vanessa Druskat, Ph.D. Emotional Intelligence and 360-degree evaluation:

"One of the most valuable/applicable items I learned from this program was my 360 and developing goals and an accountability plan."

"Valuable beyond belief and expectation."

"Very valuable to send us on our way with documented goals and action plans."

"WOW. I am more self-aware than ever. It helped to have Vanessa share her struggles - I felt more free to admit mine with emotional self-control!!"

"The 360 was scary. I admit that I worry way too much about what others think. I learned some things that were positive about myself."


Months later...

I put together a career plan that has me staying technical for another five to eight years, then transitioning into project/operations management. The plant leadership liked the plan, and have agreed to pay for a graduate degree program at Duke  - a Masters of Engineering Management. It's a distance program so I'll still be around. 

Emily Monroe
Sturm, Ruger and Co.