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Friday, February 24, 2017 - 8:30am

Boost your career with a Leadership Certificate


Preparation for every future leadership role is enhanced by opportunity, analysis, coaching, and good planning.  The Leadership Certificate Program delivers these foundational items in a six day format. 


Paul College, an AACSB accredited business school within the University of New Hampshire, recently announced this distinguished program for leadership skill development.  Three intensive two-day sessions are spread out to allow maximum absorption, application, and renewal of concepts covered.


“It’s a cross-disciplinary course of study that covers managing oneself and leading others, teams, and organizations,” said Dan McCarthy, Director of Executive Development Programs. 


“The program acts as an accelerator for extraordinary results in a current role, and an incubator for seizing future opportunities,” said McCarthy. “Participants can expect an outstanding academic experience exploring strategies for success in motivation, emotional intelligence, leading change, conflict management, coaching, and much more. “


Dr. Bill Hassey, Faculty Fellow for Executive Development Program, leads the Leadership Certificate Program with contributions from hand selected members of the Paul College faculty.  “ParticipProgram Participantants can expect an outstanding academic experience with instructors who have a proven track record working with the business community,” Hassey said.


Individuals with five or more years of progressive management experience are encouraged to enroll.  For example, a manager who is either assuming a new role, beginning a new initiative, or leading a new team would be a fitting candidate.  A successful manager who has not recently been exposed to best practices in leadership, management, and motivation is a good candidate as well.


Multiple design features make the $5,900 investment a superior value.  Participants advance their own “Strategic Application Project” throughout the program with the benefit of assistance from peers and program instructors.  Multiple assessments, a 360-degree survey, and two h ours of one-on-one coaching are also included.


Program dates are May 11 & 12, and June 7, 8, 20, and 21. 


Leadership Certificate Program


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