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Find a practice field for leadership skills at an executive development program


“Leading in a Learning Organization” is empowering people to take responsibility for their own team's learning.  Fast learning and fast application are a sustainable competitive advantage.  Therefore, they are essential for long-term success. 


Leadership for Learning will be one of the concepts covered on day five of the six-day Leadership Certificate Program now accepting enrollments at the University of New Hampshire. 


It is taught by Dr. George Roth, Visiting Associate Professor of Management at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics.  “Leadership for Learning enables organizations to assess and improve themselves, rather than just focus on how they perform.  It involves a collective effort of stepping back and determining what is needed to do better,” Roth said.


Leadership for LearningAn organization’s learning ability has a lot to do with its capacity to tolerate uncertainty, discomfort, fear, mistakes, and ambiguity.


The concept comes from Peter Senge’s work on The Five Disciplines for a Learning Organization.  “It’s about creating practice fields for yourself and your team to test solutions.  In this program we develop and test solutions so that participants can take them back to their real world job,” Roth said.


The Leadership Certificate Program itself is a Leadership for Learning design.  Before class begins, participants prepare for the certificate program by meeting with their sponsor, most likely their manager, to define a “Strategic Application Project.”  Participants then bring the real company challenge into the classroom where they apply scholarship, peer input, one-on-one coaching, and instructor guidance to the project. 


“We help participants understand and develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses,” Roth said. “We provide a safe environment to work on areas that can be improved.  They learn something new to take back and then be more effective on the job where there is pressure to perform.”


Leadership Certificate Program is $5,900 and covers six days, May 11 & 12, and June 7, 8, 20, & 21. 


Leadership Certificate Program


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