Case Study #4: Global Leadership

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Organizational Challenge:

A large, former state-owned Chinese conglomerate had aspirations to be known as the “GE of China”. In order to compete for business globally, they needed to develop a global mindset, business acumen, and leadership capabilities in their local senior managers.


The Solution:

Faculty members and the Executive Development Program Director from the Paul College of Business and Economics traveled to China to learn more about the company, meet with company and government officials, and begin to develop a trusting relationship. An innovative program was developed in which Chinese managers would be sent to one of their U.S based subsidiaries to work, learn the culture, and take a series of 1-2 day management and leadership classes delivered at the Paul College. The program was custom developed to fulfill the learning goals of the company’s managers and to build capabilities in global management, strategic thinking, and innovation.

The participants learned from the class case studies, readings, discussions, and they had the opportunity to visit and tour two New Hampshire companies.


The Results:

The program was a success and now an integrated part of the company’s global leadership development strategy. In the course evaluations, every item, including all topics, effectiveness of the delivery, site visits, and program administration all scored between “good” and “excellent.” The instructors were able to create a comfortable and challenging learning environment, and successfully adapted their delivery to minimize any language or cultural barriers.  One participant
summed up the program by saying:  “Overall the program was good and I recommend that it continue for future company exchange groups.”

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