Case Study #3: Rising Leaders


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Organizational Challenge:

A large, global insurance company with a well-developed leadership development program for early career, high-potential employees in both management and actuarial tracks sought to enhance the leadership skills and cohort-building of these employees. The Human Resources and Organizational Development staff chose to partner with the Paul College Executive Development programs to design a program which would focus on the life events,  values, and ideas that have shaped each individual as a leader and how they can maintain their direction and purpose throughout the duration of their career.


The Solution:

A two-day “Authentic Leadership Development Program” was co-created and co-delivered at the company’s headquarters. Senior leaders were integrated into each session to deliver interactive presentations demonstrating their authenticity as leaders – describing how they have been shaped as leaders of their company. Participants modeled this with one another to gain a greater depth of understanding and camaraderie within their leadership development program cohort.


The Results:

The senior leaders, HR and OD staff, and all 60 participants in the leadership development programs found the programs to be highly engaging and enriching.  A new depth of understanding of the senior leaders and high-potential employees was reached. A common leadership language was created centered on values and behaviors.   Follow-on group coaching was built into each cohort’s program which created meaningful conversations between the participants and the Paul College faculty leader around current leadership challenges. Participants felt a greater sense of trust and an ability to be open and honest with one another which has translated into work they collaborate on regularly.

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