Leadership Certificate Program

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    Leadership Certificate Program

    Managing Yourself
    Leading Others
    Leading High Performing Teams
    Leading Your Organization
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    Leading Your Organization

    Lead change, innovate, negotiate.

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    Leading High Performing Teams

    Experiential Learning
    Thorough Assessment
    One-on-one Coaching
    Much more...
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    Managing Yourself & Leading Others

    Conflict, Emotional Intelligence, Motivation, Much more...
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    A 360-degree assessment is included

    Assess yourself on 12 competencies of outstanding performers.

Certify your leadership potential in just three two-day sessions. Get maximum impact in a manageable format.

The Leadership Certificate Program acts as an accelerator for extraordinary results in your current role and an incubator for seizing future opportunities.

Dr. Bill Hassey leads the certificate program with contributions from hand selected members of the Paul College faculty.  Participants can expect an outstanding academic experience with instructors who have a proven track record working with the business community.

The Leadership Certificate Program delivers concepts through a problem-solving framework rich in self-assessment, instruction, coaching, and practice.  The tools participants take-away apply to situation after situation and role after role.  Participants explore strategies for success in motivation, emotional intelligence, leading change, conflict management, coaching, and much more.

Three intensive two-day sessions are spread out to allow maximum absorption, application, and renewal of concepts covered.  Participation in all six days is required for certification.

Block 1:  Managing Yourself and Leading Others, October 24 & 25

Block 2:  Leading High Performing Teams, November 7 & 8

Block 3:  Leading Your Organization, November 21 & 22

Program Benefits

The most successful participants partner with a sponsor early in the program preparation process, often it is the participant’s manager. 


  • Help define overall program goals and expectations
  • Identify and oversee an appropriate “stretch” strategic application project
  • Interpret course content for the work environment

Accelerate your leadership potential  and enjoy these participant benefits:

  • Advance your own “Strategic Application Project” with professional instruction, one-on-one coaching, and peer review
  • Use 360-degree assessment to gain a current perspective of your Emotional Intelligence
  • Receive lots of feedback including two hours of one-one-one coaching
  • Prepare for future roles
  • Build self-awareness of leadership strengths and create a post-program development plan
  • Analyze your management style, conflict management style, team emotional intelligence with proven assessment instruments
  • Build self-awareness of leadership strengths and create a post-program development plan
  • Create meaningful, lifelong professional networking contacts with participants and the Leadership Certificate Program’s accomplished instructors
  • Much more!

Program Information

Fall 2019
October 24-25
November 7-8
November 21-22

$4,779 Early Bird* & UNH Alumni Discount
$4,779 - Partners early bird.
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10% UNH Alumni Discount

*Early bird: by 9/12/19 for Fall 2019
(6 weeks from start of program)



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Take your leadership potential to the next level.
Pre-program Preparation

Learning begins after you enroll and before you arrive on campus for Day One.  You will complete a 360-degree assessment called the Emotional and Social Intelligence Inventory.  You will meet with your sponsor, probably your manager, to set program goals and select a Strategic Application Project.

First Two Days

Managing Yourself and Leading Others  Through a rigorous 360-degree evaluation process you will gain a unique understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and management potential from the perspective of your boss, your peers, and your direct reports.  You will also take leadership and conflict-management assessments that provide further insights into leadership style. This opening session is the foundation for the entire certificate program.  You'll learn proven techniques in communication, influence, emotional intelligence, coaching, delegation, and much more.

  •  Assessment:  MBTI - how you see the world and make decisions
  •  Challenging situational leadership lecture and practice
  •  Explore the development of your own emotional intelligence

Mid-program Preparation

Select a team and, as a group, take assessments that provide deep analysis of your team emotional intelligence, style, and effectiveness.  Receive layers of instruction on team dynamics.  You'll also meet with your one-on-one Executive Development Programs coach.

Second Two Days

Leading High performing Teams  You'll experience learning through interactive sessions and discover the themes of team dynamics first hand.  Engage in problem solving through perspective diversity, out-of-the-box thinking, and risk taking to create memorable team tactics that transfer easily back to your on-the-job teams. Teamwork personifies business today.  Leadership requires superior team management skill.

  • Team Emotional Intelligence
  • Lecture-lite experiential learning
  • Fearless conflict management models that work

Late-program Preparation

Bring your Team Assessment results back and share them with your team.  Apply lessons from team dynamics to your Strategic Application Project.

Third Two Days

Leading Your Organization  Lead from any rung on the corporate ladder.  Leadership means that you build relationships, act strategically, enact change, and negotiate for success.  These key leadership skills all have models that can be learned, practiced, and implemented.

  • Gain the skills you need to lead and execute a strategic plan
  • Develop negotiation skills that dramatically improve outcomes
  • Finish with an Individual Development Plan in hand

Post Program

With an assessment and data-driven Individual Development Plan in hand, participate in your second one-on-one coaching session to discuss implementation of your Strategic Application Project

A sample schedule for the 6 day Leadership Certificate Program

Please note, this schedule is subject to change. 
A more detailed agenda will be presented to enrolled participants.

Boost your career with a Leadership Certificate

Preparation for every future leadership role is enhanced by opportunity, analysis, coaching, and good planning.  The Leadership Certificate Program delivers these foundational items in a six day format. 

Paul College, an AACSB accredited business school within the University of New Hampshire, recently announced this distinguished program for leadership skill development.  Three intensive two-day sessions are spread out to allow maximum absorption, application, and renewal of concepts covered.

“It’s a cross-disciplinary course of study that covers managing oneself and leading others, teams, and organizations,” said Dan McCarthy, Director of Executive Development Programs. 

“The program acts as an accelerator for extraordinary results in a current role, and an incubator for seizing future opportunities,” said McCarthy. “Participants can expect an outstanding academic experience exploring strategies for success in motivation, emotional intelligence, leading change, conflict management, coaching, and much more. “

Dr. Bill Hassey, Faculty Fellow for Executive Development Program, leads the Leadership Certificate Program with contributions from hand selected members of the Paul College faculty.  “ParticipProgram Participantants can expect an outstanding academic experience with instructors who have a proven track record working with the business community,” Hassey said.

Individuals with five or more years of progressive management experience are encouraged to enroll.  For example, a manager who is either assuming a new role, beginning a new initiative, or leading a new team would be a fitting candidate.  A successful manager who has not recently been exposed to best practices in leadership, management, and motivation is a good candidate as well.

Multiple design features make the $5,900 investment a superior value.  Participants advance their own “Strategic Application Project” throughout the program with the benefit of assistance from peers and program instructors.  Multiple assessments, a 360-degree survey, and two h ours of one-on-one coaching are also included.

Learn by Doing

While many of the challenges facing leaders are common, classroom learning should include opportunities for participants to work on their own unique challenges.  The new Leadership Certificate Program offered through the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics does just that.Learn by doing

Before the program begins, enrolled participants work with their managers to define a developmental “learn by doing project.”

“It’s something above and beyond regular duties that provides an opportunity to learn and apply new leadership skills,” explains Dan McCarthy, Director of Executive Development Programs.  “The assignment may, and usually does, end up addressing multiple developmental needs.”

Ideally, managers will give participants something important to do that they’ve not done before as a way to develop them.  The project helps turn the Leadership Certificate Program into an action learning environment, a place where participants work on real projects and learn at the same time. 

“What happens in class gets applied to a real project where the risks and rewards are high,” says McCarthy.  “At the end of the day, challenging assignments are one of the few ways to actually become a better leader.”

Learn by doingThe program offers multiple opportunities for participants to work on unique challenges, like instruction, individual assessment, peer coaching, practice, and two hours of one-on-one coaching. 

Forward-thinking companies who invest in leadership development for their high-potentials are drawn to programs offering measurable result. 

“While personal development and success is important, companies often want to see a more immediate, tangible return on their investment,” said McCarthy. “In the final half day, I’ll be helping participants design an action plan that addresses barriers to executing their own strategic application project.  We’ll follow that up with an hour of coaching. That way, both the individual AND the sponsoring organization get a good ROI.”