• Devkamal Dutta, Associate Professor Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

    His most recent study compared the survival and growth rates of men versus women-led startups in high-tech ecosystems.

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  • Jianhong Chen, Assistant Professor of Strategic Management

    "Accelerated changes in competition, technological advances and customer preferences have forces firms to think harder about time management."

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The study of management focuses on how organization members develop and use strategies, structures, and the accompanying social, political, economic, and technical processes needed to compete in national and global markets. Courses cover such topics as leadership, ethics, adaptation, innovation, organizational learning and change, human resource management, governmental policy making, and industrial economics. The department's approach to teaching involves educational methods that promote behavioral and analytic competence through experiential learning, self-awareness, theoretical mastery, and case studies. A major emphasis is on action learning through group projects.

The educational values, reflected in our teaching methods, include:

  • Behavioral competence through experiential learning and awareness of self.
  • Analytic insight emphasizing empowering theoretical mastery and case analysis.
  • Action orientation; a strong bias for action and an ability to learn in action moments in a continuous refinement of self-as-actor
  • Effective communication through developing oral, presentation, and written skillfulness.