Digital Signage Request

This page is for requesting a posting on the digital displays in Paul College.

  • There are 5 digital signage screens in the Paul College. Upload is for ALL digital signage locations.
  • Posting is for groups associated with USNH.
  • If you would like to have a posting displayed please follow the instructions below and upload your signage.


Download the PowerPoint template from below, or CHOOSE design size widescreen 16:9 when creating a slide.


Create an Image -- Image must be:  960 pixels by 540 pixels 

Upload image or PowerPoint slide to this site.

• Fill Out Form Below


1.)  The Paul College reserves the right not to display signage at any time. Signage Display management is at the discretion of Paul College.

2.)  Digital Signage is updated weekly on Monday Mornings. If you upload your image on Monday Morning and it is accepted, it will be posted on the following Monday.

Digital Signage Template