• Business in Practice:

    Putting theory to work in the real world.

BiP Business Partners

Inspiring students to put academics to work with real world learning, hands-on projects and mentorships from industry leaders.


The Business in Practice (BiP) program enriches Paul College’s rigorous academic program by bridging the gap between theory and practical application. By providing real business experiences and directly working with students, you can empower students to gain valuable hands-on learning to become productive and successful business professionals.

We invite you to join us as collaborative partners to design and deliver courses, become mentors or work with students on your current business or research projects. The BiP program is an innovative, structured, yet adaptable, experiential learning program that allows students to learn and work directly with you and your team. With direct industry experience, students acquire the necessary business tools, skills and experiences to hit the ground running. Your business gains access to an enthusiastic talent pool and the ability to make a significant impact on student lives.


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Imagine if you can influence what and how business students learn with hands-on projects and direct experiences to create more productive future employees and to make a significant impact on student’s lives.

Why Join the BiP Program?


Curriculum & Requirements


Students take a minimum of four courses, one in each of the core competency areas:

→  Social intelligence - ability to navigate complex social relationships and environments.
→  Analytical intelligence - ability to analyze and evaluate ideas, solve problems and make decisions.
→  Competitive intelligence - ability to gather, analyze and distribute information and ideas about products, customers, competitors or the external environment.
→  Professional intelligence - ability to achieve professional success.

Research indicates that businesses value key competencies for their employees, which Paul College transformed into the BiP intelligences.* Students take a minimum of four courses steeped in real world applications, designed to enhance the core curriculum:

BiP Business in Practice Core Curriculum

*According to National Association of College and Universities (NACE) and Future Work Skills 2020 report published by the Institute for the Future.

Program Structure

  • An array of 2-credit course offerings taught primarily by industry professionals
  • Courses incorporate current business data and practices
  • Dynamic, individual and team-based experiences similar to what is encountered in an actual business environment
  • Immersive 7-week terms delivered as face-to-face, virtual or hybrid courses
  • Credit for experiential learning opportunities such as: internships, study abroad and applicable Paul College student organizations


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Sample BiP Courses

Sample Courses/Experiences Core Competency

    • Inbound Marketing – Hubspot certification
    • Digital Marketing - Google Adword certification
    • Conflict and Mediation
    • IBM Watson Analytics/Research
    • Coding-Python
    • Brand Management
    • Talk like TED/Storytelling
    • Real time Market Analysis - Bloomberg certification
    • Lean Process Manufacturing
    • Small Business Development Incubator

Competitive Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence
Social Intelligence
Analytical Intelligence
Analytical Intelligence
Professional Intelligence
Social Intelligence
Analytical Intelligence
​Analytical Intelligence
Professional Intelligence


Why Join the BiP Program?

Share skills and industry knowledge; gain access to students to work on research, projects and business needs, while creating valuable hands-on learning opportunities for future business leaders.

  • Work directly with flagship university faculty, staff and students
  • Provide real world experience for students working on your business such as:

o  Research and develop current/future projects
o  Analyze and interpret data
o  Brainstorm/idea generation/concept testing
o  Manage and implement project
o  Develop and implement corporate social responsibility programs

  • Gain early access to and recruitment of university talent
  • Establish an experienced workforce, creating less training time and on-boarding for hires
  • Make a positive impact on student’s lives, UNH and the community