Employer Resources


  • Interested in offering an academic project? Submit a Paul Projects​ proposal.
  • Offering an internship for college credit? Visit Academic Advising.
  • Notes about unpaid internships below.
  • List your internship or job on Handshake.
  • Visit the UNH Career Center site for the academic year Recruiting Calendar.

To post a job or internship for current students and recent graduates on Handshake, use this job board to:

→ Host an internship
→ Hire UNH students
→ Hire recent graduates (full-time, salaried positions)
→ Hire entry-level employees
→ View resume books
→ Request on-campus recruiting/on-campus interviewing

How to post on  Handshake:

→ Go to the  Handshake login page, and create a new employer account if you have not already.
→ We will then send you an email stating we have approved your account request (usually within 24 hours). You may then update your password and access the site.
→ When on your homepage's dashboard, click "Create job or internship posting" on the right under your Shortcuts menu. Complete form.

Please noteIf offering unpaid internships, you need approval through the New Hampshire Department of Labor (NHDOL) before posting. Go to www.nh.gov/labor/faq/school-to-work.htm. Complete the ‘Pre-Screening Form’ under the School-to-Work section of the FAQ page. You will also need to complete ‘Approval Form for Non-Paid Work-Based Activities’. Contact the NH DOL (603) 271-0127 with any questions. Steps to take:

1.  Visit link above and fill out ‘employer’ section of Pre-screening form.
2.  Fill out ‘employer’ section of  ‘Approval' form.
3.  Return to UNH.
4.  UNH will fill out ‘school’ section and return to NH DOL.
5.  UNH will send you a copy of the DOL’s decision.
6.  If ‘approved’ we will post the internship on Paul Careers.

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