Paul Projects Capstone Consulting Fair

The semi-annual Paul Projects Capstone Consulting Fair has passed. Future dates still TBD.

 Please instead submit a Project Proposal Form to engage with one of our multidisciplinary student teams. Under the guidance of faculty members, our students have helped clients develop protypes, implement proof-of-concepts, conduct research, and im plement new technologies.  All firms, from non-profits to startups and Fortune 500 companies, are welcome to apply.

During the consulting fair, companies are encouraged to visit the Durham campus, showcase their products and services, and discuss their capstone project proposals face-to-face with prospective student teams. This is an opportunity to collaborate with other businesses, thought leaders, and students. If you are unable to attend the event, please submit a project proposal form and a member of the capstone team will contact you.

Students interested in the following fields will be participating in the event.

  • Business Intelligence Analysis
  • Data Analyst
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Operations Analysis
  • Process Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Forecasting Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Market Research
  • Operations Research
  • Database Developer
  • Technical Consulting
  • IT Auditing
  • Operations Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Risk Analysis