Marketing Workshop

The Marketing Department believes that students are best prepared for their careers by combining rigorous classroom learning with hands-on experiences working with companies and not-for-profit organizations. We build this into the program with our innovative Marketing Workshop which is required by all undergraduate Marketing students. The Workshop provides real-world team-based consulting projects with companies ranging from local entrepreneurs to leading global companies like Ford. In addition to presenting their analyses and recommendations to their clients, Marketing Workshop students also present their research to the university community as part of UNH’s annual Undergraduate Research Conference (URC). Our URC is the largest in the nation and students from all of UNH’s undergraduate majors participate.

Marketing Internships

We also encourage our students with a GPA of at least 3.0 to take advantage of opportunities for internships. Each year companies in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine contact us looking for students to assist them with projects. Because internships are done for course credit, you will work with a Marketing faculty sponsor who will help you set the learning goals for the internship and will evaluate the final paper you write on your experience.  The company or organization hosting your internship will also provide a written evaluation of your work with them.

There are three ways to find out about the Marketing internships we currently have available for undergraduates:

  • Become an active member of the Marketing & Advertising Club (MAC), UNH Sales Club or the UNH Women in Business Club (WIB) 
  • Contact Career Services 

Internships in Accounting and Finance

Departmental Guidelines for Internships

The Accounting and Finance Department encourages its students to take a rich array of advanced elective courses that will provide them with deep conceptual knowledge and broad analytical skills for their professional careers. The department will offer an ample mixture of those advanced courses from which its students can develop a concentration in accounting and finance, and it will recommend other departments' courses that are germane to accounting and finance.

Also, the department recognizes that occasional opportunities may arise in which a student can acquire certain professional skills outside of the classroom by interning in a business or other type of organization. In those cases where unique learning experiences are clearly possible, the department faculty will sponsor internships in the department's internship courses, subject to the following guidelines:

  1. A maximum of four internship credits will be allowed under the internship courses ACFI 750 or ACFI 751.
  2. A formal paper on a subject chosen by the faculty sponsor will be required in all accounting or finance internships. This paper should demonstrate the professional skills and other learning that the student has achieved in the internship. Other requirements are at the discretion of the faculty sponsor.
  3. A written evaluation of each intern by the sponsoring business or other organization will be required at the end of the internship.
  4. Registration in an accounting or finance internship course must be approved by the faculty sponsor and the department chair during the preregistration period of the semester involved.
  5. A minimum ccumulative grade point average of at least 3.00 is required to be eligible for an internship in accounting or finance.
  6. Also, students applying for an internship in accounting must have achieved minimum grades of B in ACFI 502: Financial Accounting and in ACFI 503: Managerial Accounting.
  7. Further, students applying for an internship in finance must have achieved a minimum grade of B in ACFI 601: Financial Management.