Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office

Undergraduate advising in the Peter T. Paul College is carried out jointly by academic advisers and the faculty. The academic advisers are based in the Paul College Undergraduate Programs Office, where student academic records are kept. The advisers assist students in program planning, pre-registration, understanding and meeting general academic requirements, and general academic and career decision making. In addition, the advisers coordinate study abroad, domestic exchange and honors programs, as well as the Washington Internship Program. The faculty draw on their own experience, expertise, and interests in helping students with course, program, and career selection.

Undergraduates are encouraged to develop an advisory relationship with one or more faculty members with whom they have mutual interests. All students are urged to seek as much assistance as they need, from whatever source, but are reminded that theirs is the ultimate responsibility for knowing and meeting the various academic requirements for a degree.

For information on undergraduate programs contact:

Undergraduate Programs Office
(603) 862-3885 (voice)
(603) 862-1883 (fax)

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