• Scholarships

    Applications for 2017/2018 scholarships will be available in late January with a March 1, 2017 deadline.

Scholarship Opportunities

Below you will find a list of scholarship opportunities for new and continuing students.
Using endowment funds provided by our alumni network, the Hospitality Management Program offered prospective and current students nearly $100,000 in scholarships
To learn more about these and other opportunities, please email paul.scholarships@unh.edu

Recent Scholarships:

American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation New Century Campaign - $4,000
American Lodging Investment Summit - $7,500

Hospitality Management Program Scholarships

You do not need to apply for any specific scholarship. The Paul College Scholarship Committee will consider you for all scholarships for which you meet the criteria (including major/option, GPA, residence, financial need, class, etc.).

For continuing students, if you plan to return for at least one semester as a full-time (12 credits or more) undergraduate student for the 2016/17 academic year, you may complete the scholarship form early in the spring semester and e-mail back to: paul.scholarships@unh.edu .

These scholarships are offered by the Hospitality Management Program include:

  • American Hotel Foundation Scholarship
  • Ken Wilson Scholarship
  • Board of Young Hospitality Professionals Award/Scholarship(BYHP)
  • Ed & Selma Simon
  • Horizon Beverage Scholarship
  • UNH Hospitality Management International Student Diversity Scholarship
  • Durocher Hospitality Management Scholarship
Self Nominated Scholarships

The Scholarships listed here are not administered by the Hospitality Management Program. They are self nominated, which means you have to comply with and submit required information.

We strongly recommend that you consider applying. When a scholarship states "PREFERENCE" does not always mean that they will not award to others.

AH&LEF Incoming Freshman - Baccalaureate Majors - $2,000

ECOLAB Scholarship Competition - Baccalaureate Majors - $2,000

American Express Scholarship Competition - Baccalaureate Majors $2,000 full-time enrollment or $1,000 Part-time

Steven Scher Memorial Scholarship for Aspiring Restaurateurs - Up to one (1) scholarship of $5,000 will be granted for the institution of the applicant’s choice

The Rama Scholarship for the American Dream - Award amounts can range from $1,000 to $3,000 depending upon enrollment and recommended amount from school.

Professional Convention Management Association - Up to five (5) Tuition-based scholarships of $5,000.

UNH and Paul College Scholarships

UNH Financial Aid - The University of New Hampshire offers many opportunities for financial aid and scholarships.

Peter T. Paul College Scholarships - As a Paul College student in good academic standing, you may be eligible for any one of a number of scholarships that will be awarded to fulltime student s at the begining of each academic year.

Office of National Fellowships  - The UNH Fellowships Office provides information, counsel, and editorial support to highly motivated students (undergraduates, graduate students, and UNH alumni) applying for national and international fellowships and scholarships.