How to Apply

Additional Information for Applicants

Important Addendum

Applicants are responsible for submitting the online application, and any supporting materials, directly to the UNH Graduate School office in Thompson Hall; do not send or address any materials to the department of study (email to Applicants are also responsible for monitoring the status of their application to make sure it is complete. All application materials become the property of the University of New Hampshire and will not be returned, duplicated, or forwarded to a third party at any time.


New Hampshire residents wishing to claim in-state residency must submit a residency form with their application materials. Until in-state status is proven, applicants will be considered as out of state residents. For more information see the graduate school residency policy. Note: If you live in New England, you may be eligible for the New England Regional (NER) tuition discount program.

Social Security Numbers

The University of New Hampshire is requesting your Social Security number (SSN) to comply with federal and state reporting requirements regarding students attending the institution. You must provide your SSN if you are applying for financial aid. The institution is required by the Internal Revenue Code and other federal laws to report names and SSN's of students who receive financial aid. The institution will not disclose an applicant's SSN to anyone outside the institution except as mandated by law or institutional policy.

UNH Accounts and your UNH ID

After you complete and submit your online application you will be provided with your UNH Student (Common) ID, a nine digit number that begins with the number 9. Within one business day of being given that UNH ID you can then use it to activate your MyUNH/Blackboard account (if you have not done so already) and track your application status.

If you become a student (or are already a student) at UNH, you will also be assigned a UNH Email account that will be used for all official communications. Until you receive your UNH email account we will use the email address that you provided on your application.