How to Apply

MS Accounting Curriculum

The Master's in Accounting is a full-time day program for students that possess an undergraduate degree in accounting or appropriate prerequiste coursework (see below). Per faculty advisor's permission students can pursue the degree part-time, however, most classes are offered during the day.

August - December, Fall Semester (15 credits; 5 required courses)

January - May, Spring Semester (15 credits)

Two required courses:

Three track courses:

  • Audit and Assurance Track:
  1. ACFI 830 Advanced Auditing
  2. ACFI 896 International Accounting
  3. ACFI 840 Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination
  • Tax Track:
  1. ADMN 896 Advanced Topics in Tax
  2. ACFI 896 Applied Tax Research and Planning (Pre-requisite: ACFI 820)
  3. ACFI 896 Advanced Business Taxation (Pre-requisite: ACFI 820)
  • Integrated Audit and Tax Track:
  1. Three of the six track courses listed above

For Domestic Students with non-accounting business degrees

Prerequisites that must be completed at the undergraduate level are:

Students who do not possess an undergraduate degree in business must also complete:

In addition, choose two of the following three: Behavior in Organizations (ADMN 575), Marketing (ADMN 585), or Quantitative Decision Making (ADMN 580).

Prerequisites for the above non-accounting courses: