Full-Time MBA Student Life

Small Class Size

The Full Time MBA program is capped at 50 students, and many students form lifelong personal and professional relationships. By limiting enrollment, the Paul College promotes a collaborative environment where students learn through lectures, class discussions, and case studies.

Study Groups

Much of the emphasis of the program is placed on developing study groups that contribute to the learning experience. Most classes include group projects and students find their groups are often valuable resources as they progress through the program.


In addition to the academic aspects, the program strives to create a strong social network. By being part of the one year long cohort, and participating in many group projects and activities, students naturally network on an academic, personal and professional level.


Faculty members are assigned to teach in the MBA program based on their ability to bridge the theoretical and practical worlds. Most have extensive industry experience and all have enormous respect for the breadth and depth of the experience of the students in the MBA program. Course materials are selected for their practical relevance and faculty are adept at guiding students to the “next level” of corporate leadership.

The University

UNH is a vibrant place: a land-, sea-, and space-grant university where undergraduate and graduate students engage in daily discovery and the intellectual excitement of doing research with their faculty mentors.

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