MBA Specializations

Students enrolled in the Part-Time Evening and Online MBA programs can elect to earn a specialization in one of six fields currently offered by Paul College:

Each specialization consists of required electives, as noted below. Students are not required to complete a specialization, and may instead choose to take any six electives that are of interest to them. Please note that not all specialization courses are available in all program modes; completion of a specialization will likely require a combination of online and face-to-face courses, making careful schedule planning essential.


Finance: this specialization provides students with the tools necessary to make informed financial decisions for themselves and their organizations.  Finance students and professionals utilize an exciting mix of quantitative analysis, strategic thinking, and creativity.  Opportunities exist in a variety of fields, including commercial and investment banking, corporate finance, asset management, risk management, real estate, and private equity.

Required: Corporate Financial Strategy, Investments

Select 1: International Financial Management, Applied Equity Analysis & Firm Valuation, Applied Financial Modeling & Analytics, Financial Innovation & Derivatives, Financial Institutions, Financial Technology & Big Data


Information Systems & Business AnalyticsThis specialization provides students with knowledge and skills in the areas of business analytics:  descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive.  These tangible abilities will enable graduates to bring added value to any organization through data analysis and visualization; predicting/forecasting future probabilities and trends; and helping decision makers evaluate and determine the best ways to achieve business objectives in resource-constrained environments, while also quantifying the risk present in business situations due to uncertainty.

Required: Data Management & Visualization, Predictive Analytics

Select 1: Prescriptive Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Applied Financial Modeling & Analytics, Supply Chain Management, Financial Technology & Big Data


Marketingthis specialization is designed around the three strategic initiatives of the marketing department: Marketing Analytics, Digital Marketing, and New Product Development. Flexibility within specialization provides tracks for less seasoned students (Marketing Analytics and tools), and for more seasoned students (Product and Service innovation focus). Designed to help students recognize, prioritize, and execute opportunities for growth through new and existing customers.

Required (Choose two of four): New Product Development, Marketing Research, Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics

Select 1 (Or take three Required): Strategic Pricing, International Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Integrated Marketing Communications


Global Businessthis specialization helps students develop their global awareness, understanding, and competence so to that they can compete and lead effectively in a transnational environment.  Job outlook includes graduate careers abroad or in organizations that are engaged in business or initiatives with a global scope.

Required: International Business

Select 2: International Financial Management, International Management, International Marketing


Growth & Innovationthis specialization provides students with knowledge, skills, and an entrepreneurial mindset to apply in smaller, newer firms as well as in larger, established companies in order to drive organizational growth, innovation and change.  These can be applied in a range of contexts, including new ventures, corporate entrepreneurship, and social enterprises.

Required: Managing Growth & Innovation

Select 2: Private Equity & Venture Capital, Leading Organizational Change, International Management, New Product Development


Hospitality Management (available to Part-Time and Online students only): this specialization, ranked in the Top 10 Online MBA in Hospitality Programs 2018, is directed toward working professionals, positioning them for additional career growth and advancement in the industry. For students who wants to take a coherent set of advanced hospitality management courses offered within the general framework of the MBA, these course offerings provide opportunities in a wide variety of areas, including human resources, operations, and asset management and finance.

Required: Human Resource Management, Hospitality Operations & Financial Metrics, Hospitality Asset & Financial Management, Hospitality Revenue Management & Pricing Strategies