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MA in Economics Curriculum

The M.A. in Economics requires 36 credits, which consists of 10 three-credit courses, plus three terms of graduate economics seminar (2 credits each). 

The culminating experience is a master's paper for which students conduct original research in their chosen field with close mentorship from faculty members.

Every student must meet the general requirements of the Graduate School and the following requirements of the major.

August - September, Term 1 - Foundation (5 weeks)

  • ECON 825 Mathematical Economics (8 hours/week - 3 credits)
  • ECON 898 Statistical Skills (strongly recommended - 2 credits)

October - December, Term 2 - The Core (10 weeks)

  • ECON 976 Microeconomics I (3 credits)
  • ECON 972 Macroeconomics I (3 credits)
  • ECON 926 Econometrics I (3 credits)
  • ECON 988 Graduate Economics Seminar (2 credits)

Foundation and core courses enable students to advance to specialized areas in Terms 3 and 4 with a strong background in theory and econometrics.

January - March, Term 3 - Electives (10 weeks)

  • ECON 927 Econometrics II or approved skills course (3 credits)
  • ECON 988 Graduate Economics Seminar (2 credits)
  • Field/elective course (3 credits)
  • Field/elective course (3 credits)

March - May, Term 4 (10 weeks)

  • ECON 979 Research Skills for Economists (3 credits)
  • ECON 988 Graduate Economics Seminar (2 credits)
  • A third econometrics or field/elective course (3 credits)
  • Field/elective course (3 credits)

Students may take economic electives in areas such as international trade and finance, environmental and resource economics, health economics, data analysis and information management, and international business. Up to two elective courses may be taken outside of the department, subject to approval by the department.

All elective courses must be at the 800 level or higher.

Graduate Economics Seminar (6 credits)

Students are required to sign up for the Graduate Economics Seminar (ECON 988) in Terms 2, 3, and 4. No more than 6 credits can be counted towards the degree.

Master's Paper (3 credits)

Students are required to take the Research Skills course (ECON 979) where they complete their master's research project. Master's research projects are presented to the faculty and deans at the end of Term 4.

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