Rosenberg International Franchise Center - Education

The Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics offers an International Franchising course for upper-level, undergraduate business students. The course is designed to introduce the world of Franchising and the management techniques from both a macro and micro perspective.

Professor Udo Schlentrich, Co-Director of the Rosenberg International Franchise Center, lectures on topics such as: The History of Franchising, Franchisor Management, Franchise Marketing Techniques, Franchise Operations Management, New Franchise Creations, Current Events and Trends in Franchising, Legal Aspects of Franchising, and Key Financial Drivers Pertaining to Franchise Unit’s Performance.

The course utilizes a blend of interactive learning techniques including: case study analyses, field work, a guest speaker series, and independent project analyses.

Course Offered -

Franchising HMGT 756 / MKGT 756

Course might be of special interest to students who are investigating entrepreneurial career opportunities.

Course description: The Franchising course is designed to help the student acquire an understanding of franchising as a system of distribution and business expansion. Franchising will be studied from both the perspective of the franchisee and the franchisor. In addition, economic, financial marketing, and legal issues associated with franchising will be covered. By the end of the course, students will have acquired in-depth knowledge that will enable them to assess business opportunities available in franchising.

Course format: The course is designed to encourage learning both inside and outside the classroom. Inside the classroom the emphasis is on lectures, strategy discussions and case studies. Presentations by industry leaders and consultants will cover aspects pertaining to franchise law, real estate. marketing and finance. Outside the classroom, the emphasis is on self-guided study, student team projects and franchise unit visits.

Student comments:

"I really loved this class. I learned so much and have recommended it to fellow marketing majors. Professor Udo was very enthusiastic, understanding and a great teacher. I especially appreciated his real world advice/stories/examples."

"Professor Udo was very good at disclosing interesting relevant information to students and easy to listen to because of his enthusiasm on subject matter..."

Events and Outreach
Visiting Lecturers

Jack Barry, C.P.M.
Regional Director,
Membership Development
Best Western International, Inc.

Timothy J. Bryant, Esq.
Preti Flaherty Beliveau & Pachios LLP

Mark Kushinsky

Jim McKenna
McKenna Associates Corp

John Motta
Dunkin Donuts multi-unit franchise

Yoshino Nakajima
Vice President
Home Instead Senior Care®

Skip Sagris
Franchise Development

Michelle Rowan
Franchise Business Review

Eric Stites
Franchise Business Review

George Zografos, CEO
Z Donut Co.