Bud Albin Challenge Round


 2015 BUD ALBIN Challenge

 Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics
 10 Garrison Avenue, Durham, NH
 Friday - April 24, 2015

In the Bud Albin Challenge Round students vie for one of six spaces in the Holloway Prize Innovation-to-Market Competition Championship Round. Teams present their business concepts to a panel of judges using PowerPoint, a poster and a prototype of their innovation if available. Students are allotted ten minutes to present to the panel of judges comprised of representatives from business and industry, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A with the judges.

20 Teams Advancing to the BUD ALBIN CHALLENGE Round

Joseph M. Corcoran, COLA
Benjamin Duff, PAUL
Anthony Lunardi, PAUL
James Scott, COLSA
Faculty Adviser: Goksel Yalcinkaya, Ph.D.

Stephen D. Cote, PAUL
Brian R. Gioia, PAUL
Mike Qin, GRAD
Faculty Adviser: Andrew Earle, Ph.D.

Alex Febonio, PAUL
Alexys Gilcreast, PAUL
Connor Guiney, PAUL
Louis Rochette, CEPS
Faculty Adviser: Ahmad Etebari, Ph.D.

Lauren Irish, PAUL   
Shane McNeely, PAUL
Justin Slattery, PAUL
Cailey White, PAUL         
Faculty Adviser: John D. Ela, M.A.

Everton's Organics
A.J. Asbury, COLA
Ian Marshall, CEPS
Everton Parkinson, COLSA
Sean Whittier, PAUL
Faculty Adviser: Roger Grinde, Ph.D.

hAPPy hour
Kathryn Hand, PAUL
Andrea Hesler, PAUL
Lindsay Mumford, PAUL
Hayley Sack, PAUL
Faculty Adviser: Carl Lindblade

Hydrite Smart Watering System
Jonathan R. Gual, PAUL
Max A. Lappin, PAUL
Curtis G. Lush, CEPS
Caemen W. Weiland, CEPS
Faculty Adviser: Jeffrey E. Sohl, Ph.D.

Imagine Institute
Kiley Donohue, CEPS
Brandon Fall, CEPS
Emily Hutchinson, CEPS
Faculty Adviser:
Marc Sedam, M.B.A.

Annette Conticchio, CEPS
Ian Gagnon, CEPS
Michael Gingrich, CEPS
Devin Kehler, CEPS
Faculty Adviser: Andrzej Rucinski, Ph.D.

Cameron J. Cote, PAUL
Lauren A. Rhodes, COLA
Faculty Adviser: Meghan A. Heckman

Andrew DiPasquale, GRAD
Faculty Adviser: Marc Sedam, M.B.A.

One Acre Coffee Co.
Connor Roelke, PAUL
Faculty Adviser: Bruce Pfeiffer, Ph.D.

Kristina Borchert, PAUL
Kaley Quast, PAUL
Faculty Adviser:
Daniel Innis, Ph.D.

R.E.B.E.L Lighting
Cullen Barnes, PAUL
Jonathan W. Mantia, PAUL
Cameron R. Walsh, PAUL
Faculty Adviser: John D. Ela, M.A.

Benjamin Minerd, GRAD
Faculty Adviser: Juan Florin, Ph.D.

Spare the Change
Shane Budd, PAUL
Martin Gorman, PAUL
Tim Perrier, PAUL
Matt Wencis, PAUL
Adviser: Devkamal Dutta, Ph.D.

The Unwrapped Market
Rachel M. Cardarelli, PAUL
Marion M. Harrington, PAUL
Sarah L. Wiggins, PAUL
Adviser: Fiona Wilson, Ph.D.

Toasty Poles
Emily L. Fisher, PAUL
Joseph Hamilton, PAUL
Justin T. Verdone, PAUL               
Faculty Adviser: John D. Ela, M.A.

Understudy - Substitute Teacher Network
Benjamin D.A. Belanger, PAUL
Faculty Advisers:
Robert A. Gough, Jr., Ph.D.
Doug Henderson, M.B.A.







































About the Benefactor:

Harold C. "Bud" Albin, Jr. '55 is an active and generous supporter of his alma mater, most notably in the area of entrepreneurship and business development.

After working full-time and attending the University of Maryland part-time, Bud Albin enrolled at the University of New Hampshire. Following graduation, Mr. Albin entered the U.S. Navy Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island, and became a Naval Aviator. He was attached to squadrons in Georgia, Rhode Island and Virginia, piloting all weather fighter/interceptors.

In 1961, Mr. Albin joined a small company that manufactured steel parts. He continued his active participation in the Naval Reserve in flying status and was promoted to Officer-in-Charge. Mr. Albin retired from the Naval Reserve in 1978 at the rank of Captain.

While serving in the Reserve, he founded Albin Industries, which sold copying supplies. Shortly after its start-up, Mr. Albin expanded the company to include the sale and servicing of copier and fax machines. When sold to Konica Business Machines in 1995, Albin Industries had grown to a business employing 185 people.

In honor of his fiftieth class reunion, Mr. Albin established the endowment that bears his name to encourage and advance entrepreneurship within the Whittemore School of Business and Economics and support activities related to entrepreneurship, primarily in New Hampshire.

The Albin Entrepreneurship Fund supports faculty and administrative programs that link students with entrepreneurs; provides consulting support for new start-up companies; supports lectures and in-residence programs; funds external entrepreneurship competitions; and brings UNH students, faculty, and industry experts to the larger community.

Mr. Albin earned his Bachelor of Science at the University of New Hampshire, was awarded an MBA degree from Wayne State College and completed Harvard University's Owner/President Management program.

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