Charles & Miriam Nelson Poster Competition


Established with a gift from Charles & Miriam Nelson, this poster competition gives students an opportunity to showcase their research into entrepreneurship. Students present a poster and a three minute oral presentation to two separate teams of judges comprised of representatives from business and industry. Judges have up to three minutes to ask follow-up questions.



​Emily Stone

Granite State Ventures

Daniel Crowley
Bridget Fay
Cole Jaillet
Jeffrey Moore
Andrew Nelligan

SheetWriter, Inc.

Tyler Allen



​Andrea Manley

Flow & Grow

Elizabeth McCrary
Adam Carignan


Toby Dewhurst


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Breezy Strip

Steven Adams, ISM and Management

Lisa Callahan, Management

Kevin Chase, Management

Brett Cole, Marketing

Richard Flocco, Finance and Management

Eric Inglese, Finance and Management

Adviser: William Hassey, Ed.D.



Robert Bowman, Entrepreneurial Studies and Management

Christopher Buxton, Marketing

Mark Hodges, Finance and Management

Griffin Nuttall, Management

Scott Ricketts, Marketing

Adviser: A. R. Venkatachalam, Ph.D.



Emily Stone, Marketing and Management

Adviser: Andrew Earle, Ph.D.



Joseph Corcoran, Undeclared

Adviser: Peter Masucci



Andrea Manley, MBA

Adviser: Robert A. Gough Jr, Ph.D.


EZ-Park Business Proposition

Kristen Bellomo, Marketing and Management

Jaclyn Deasy, Management

Quinn Desiderio, Accounting

Melissa Karpel, Marketing and Management

Marisa Quintanar, Management

Joshua Sokol, Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies

Adviser: William Hassey, Ed.D.


Fitness Fuel

Christopher Kontos, Entrepreneurial Studies

James Landry, Entrepreneurial Studies and Economics

Adviser: John Ela


Flow and Grow

Adam Carignan, Environmental Engineering

Elizabeth McCrary, Entrepreneurial Studies

Adviser: Nancy Kinner, Ph.D.


Global Brew

Corey Keenan, Entrepreneurial Studies

Jonathan Vignaly, Entrepreneurial Studies

Adviser: John Ela


Going Outfitters

Emma Vaillancourt, MBA


Adviser: Robert A. Gough Jr, Ph.D.


Granite State Ventures

Daniel Crowley, Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies

Bridget Fay, Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies

Cole Jaillet, Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies

Jeffrey Moore, Mechanical Engineering

Andrew Nelligan, Mechanical Engineering

Adviser: Jeffrey Sohl, Ph.D.



Richard Boudrow, Entrepreneurial Studies

Ryan Byrne, Entrepreneurial Studies and Finance

Adviser: Rob Patton


My Living Experience

Cara Carter, Marketing and Management

Brianne Cox, Marketing

William Foley, Finance and Management

Cody Marchand, Management

Jared Perkins, Management

Amanda Walker, Finance and Management

Adviser: Caitlin DeSoye, J.D



Emily Buswell, Paul

Accounting and Entrepreneurial Studies

Peter Mancuso, Paul

Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies

Matthew McAuliffe, Paul

Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies

Adviser: John Ela



Daniel Barlow, Management

Samuel Gruber, Management

Jaimee Harvey, Finance and Management

Nathan Mainemer, Marketing and Management

Michael Murphy, Management

Tracey Nicholson, Marketing

Adviser: William Hassey, Ed.D.


PAPAya Prevention

Brian Bissonette, Economics and Management

Gregory Cuoco, Management

Jacob Lang, Management

Cameron Perl, Electrical Engineering

Adviser: Marc C. Sedam


SheetWriter, Inc.

Tyler Allen, MBA

Faculty Adviser: Jun Li, Ph.D.



Matthew Doubleday, Finance and Accounting

Daniel Lambert, Economics and Finance

Adviser: Ahmad Etebari, Ph.D.


The Central Market House

Hayley Harmon, Ecogastronomy and Economics

Adviser: Daniel R. Winans


ThoughtSoko: Empowering the Creative World

Toby Dewhurst, GRAD, Mechanical Engineering

Adviser: Fiona Wilson, Ph.D.



Samuel St. Germain, Entrepreneurial Studies and Management

Nicholas Tovey, Entrepreneurial Studies

William Watson, Entrepreneurial Studies

Adviser: John Ela



Kevin Joaquim, Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies

Benjamin Rodgers, Entrepreneurial Studies and Management

Adviser: Andrea Kokolis

Students who are not entering the Holloway Prize Innovation-to-Market Competition, but who wish to compete in the Nelson Poster Competition must register for the Nelson Poster Competition through the URC.

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About the Benefactors:

After nearly fifteen years of various domestic and international sales and marketing experience at Dennison Manufacturing Co., a Fortune 500 corporation headquarted in Framingham, MA, Charles W. Nelson '66 resigned to pursue a goal of establishing his own organization that could fulfill a recognized void in the marketplace.

In July of 1984 Charles and Miriam Nelson '68 founded Nelco Products, Inc. Coupling Charlie's previous experience with Miriam's administrative leadership and her soon-to-be learned financial skills a unique regional distribution company of plastic wiring accessories was launched.

Initially, aggressive telemarketing programs complimented by highly trained sales representatives, when necessary, low cost sourcing from both domestic and international vendors enabled Nelco to penetrate the Northeast market rapidly.

Nelco pioneered innovative Internet marketing strategies leading to many creative websites to drive global prospect interest to the company's sales organization.

Nelco grew rapidly and opened locations in MA, NJ, FL, AL, and CA. The company established an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in 2005 to empower the employees to take leading roles in assisting their company's success.

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