• Gourmet Dinner Fall 2014

    Queen of the Ocean, Heart of the Sea: The Titanic Remembered

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    License to Dine

    Spring 2014 Gourmet Dinner

    Presented by the Students of the Hospitality Management Department

Gourmet Dinner

The Advanced Food and Beverage Management students at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics will host a gourmet dinner and brunch series March 27, 28, and 29, 2015.


About the Gourmet Dinner Program

During the academic year, Advanced Food and Beverage students majoring in Department of Hospitality Management delight the University community and beyond with dining experience. The Gourmet Dinners are an opportunity for students to apply fundamentals learned through classes in the program, and give the students real-world, hands-on experience. Students are responsible for all aspects of the event: planning and preparing the menu, selling and marketing the event, managing finances, and creating an enjoyable night for all who attend.

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We would like to thank our past sponsors for whose generosity and support have continued to allow the hospitality management program to continue its current and future students.

If you are interested being a sponsor go to the "BUY TICKET" page and follow the link to purchase a ticket or contact Donna Stickney at donna.stickney@unh.edu. We greatly appreciate your support as this is a non-profit experience.



What to Expect

Greetings from UNH Hospitality Management Advanced Food and Beverage Class!

The Fundamentals

  • Purchases are not refundable.
  • Gourmet Dinners are not suitable for children.
  • The dinners will be held rain, shine or snow.
  • You will receive directions in a confirmation email that will be sent approximately 14 days prior to dinner. Directions are also available on this site.
  • Alternative meals due to food allergies or vegetarian diets are available for the event. While we certainly respect dietary choices, we're unable to create additional menus for those with likes and dislikes. We would be happy to recommend restaurants that may be better suited for your enjoyment. Keep in mind, this is a new learning experience for our students and to offer multiple menus is very difficult for professional caterers, let alone students. 
  • Dinners are served seated and the largest table accommodates 10 guests. If you prefer to have your party sit together, please type first and last names in the ‘notes’ field at the bottom of the ticket purchase page when you make your reservation.
  • Our green mission: food scraps are composted through UNH dining, and we strive to buy local when feasible and available. We do recycle.

What to Wear

Suitable attire for Gourmet Dinners held on campus at Paul College - suit and tie for men, and suit, dress or other fine attire for women is highly recommended. This is a fine dining experience. Outerwear and umbrellas will be collected at the welcome table to help the evening feel more intimate and comfortable.

Cancelations & Ticket Transfers

Refunds are NOT available. You are welcome to transfer your reservation to friends or family or to that nice person you met on Facebook but you absolutely MUST contact us with a first and last name and an email address for the new ticket holder 5 days prior to the event.

Gourmet Dinner Events

A cash bar will be available. Throughout the event you'll have a chance to share a glass of wine with old and new friends, eat amazing food and unwind, all the while helping to support UNH hospitality students. A brief speech by the students will conclude the evening with a toast to all who worked long hours to put on this event. The entire process from marketing to polishing and sorting silverware is made possible by our students.

Evening Event

Your evening begins at 5:00 PM with a cocktail hour in the Paul College Great Hall, 10 Garrison Avenue on UNH's main campus in Durham. Dinner will be from 6:00-8:00 PM.

Brunch Event

Your morning begins at 11:00 AM with a quiche and pastry hour in the Paul College Great Hall, 10 Garrison Avenue on UNH's main campus in Durham. Brunch will be served from 12:00-2:00 PM.

Directions and Parking

Gourmet Dinners held on campus in the Great Hall at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics.

10 Garrison Avenue, Durham NH 03824

Paul College (building) is handicap accessible. View transportation map. Take Pettee Brook Lane to UNH Health Services, a large brick building on your right, just before Main Street. Handicap parking is available on the back side of the building in the Health Services lot.
Parking Meter and Pay-by-the-Hour Areas near Paul College before 6pm (NOTE: All Meters and Pay-by-the-hour are FREE beginning at 6pm):
  • C-Lot (Next to Memorial Union Building, to entrance, follow Main Street and take a right on Mill Road)
  • T-Lot (Between Hamilton Smith and Thompson Hall)
  • Meters behind Stoke Hall
  • Meters on Main Street and Pettee Brook Lane
  • Meters on Quad Way after Memorial Union Building (take right on Quad Way from Main Street)
  • Meters off Strafford Avenue near New England Center (Take a left on Garrison)

Parking Lots Free of Charge after 6pm near Paul College:

  • From Main Street, take left on Garrison and park behind Stoke Hall on left
  • From Main Street, take a right just after Hamilton Smith and just before Holloway Commons/the Memorial Union Building (J-Lot)
  • From Main Street, take a left on Edgewood Road, then a right on Strafford, parking available at the New England Center
  • From Main Street, take a left on Edgewood Road, left at the Elliot Alumni Center, parking available at Elliot Alumni Center

Contact Us

For more information about Gourmet Dinners, please contact:

Donna Stickney
Administrative Assistant

Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics
Department of Hospitality Management
(603) 862-3303