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    Full Membership and Single Seat options are available.

Now accepting applications through September 6.  Admissions will occur on a rolling basis until all openings are filled.

The UNH Upper Valley Next Level Leadership Consortium Program provides advanced tools for high potential managers to prepare them today for success in possible leadership roles in the future.

Nominate high potential employees for this exclusive, five-day, leadership development program presented in consortium with:

Red River
Mascoma Savings Bank

Featuring faculty from the Peter T. Paul College of Business & Economics at the University of New Hampshire.

What is a consortium?


Nomination Process

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Nominating others

If you are a member of senior leadership or a senior Human Resources officer in your organization, you may refer others. You complete a simple application. It will be reviewed by full members of The UNH Upper Valley Next Level Leadership Consortium Program.  You will be contacted shortly.


Nominating yourself

You may nominate yourself if you have sponsorship from a member of your organization's senior leadership team or a senior Human Resources officer.  Sponsorship means that you will provide us with your sponsor's name, phone number and email address.  We may or may not contact your sponsor as part of your application review.  To nominate yourself, complete a brief application.  We will contact you soon.


Who should be nominated?

Reflect on those you have recently promoted to the leadership ranks of your organization.  Reflect also on the fast-track employees you’ve identified for possible promotion in the near term.  This program is designed to prepare these uniquely poised, high-potential employees to succeed in a middle or senior leadership role.



Nominations will be accepted until September 6.  Admissions will occur on a rolling basis until all slots are filled.  When the program is full, nominees will be wait listed.


The UNH Upper Valley Next Level Leadership Consortium Program builds on Paul College’s thirty years of experience designing executive development programs.  It was created in collaboration with two Lebanon, New Hampshire-area companies around real succession planning challenges.  Red River and Mascoma Savings Bank have formed this consortium with Paul College to design and offer The UNH Upper Valley Next Level Leadership Consortium Program.  We are opening available seats to uniquely qualified individuals who are referred  by an HR executive or senior executive in their organization.


This program will help to address the need to develop leaders in the private, public, and non‑profit sectors.  Progressive organizations can leverage this program as a way to invest in the development of their high potential leaders to prepare them for larger roles and gain a significant return on their investment.

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Two Levels of Partnership

Full Partnership - Benefits include :

· Voice in the development of tailored curriculum

· Seat at a semi-annual HR meetings that each includes a professional development element

· Action on assessment, retention and development of next generation leaders



Single Seat - Benefits include

· Apply online

· Pay as you go

· Try before you buy

· Address an immediate need


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Block Schedule

Please note this schedule is subject to change and a more detailed itinerary will be presented to enrolled participants.

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Program Format:

The UNH Upper Valley Next Level Leadership Consortium Program is designed to maximize emerging leaders’ limited time. Targeted content topics and activities have been selected to ensure each session delivers relevant, applicable information in an engaging manner.

Organizations will see an immediate ROI when their leaders return from this program ready to apply what they have learned in their current role as well as their future roles.  Participants (and their employers) will realize the value of individual coaching based on real-world needs and self-assessment.


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Cost, Dates, and Registration


Full Membership:  $15,000.  Includes three seats and additional benefits.

One seat: $5,000

Fees are inclusive of: All assessments including a 360° survey, all program materials, meals during the program (breakfasts, lunches, morning and afternoon breaks and one dinner), and Continuing Education Units (CEUs).



Nominations will be accepted until September 6.  Admissions will occur on a rolling basis until all slots are filled.  When the program is full, nominees will be wait listed.


Sending three or more? 

You are eligible for full membership in The UNH Upper Valley Next Level Leadership Consortium Program.  Full membership includes program design and admission oversight, HR planning & professional development sessions, plus much more.  Contact Dan McCarthy to discuss full membership.  Daniel.McCarthy@UNH.edu 603-862-3311.



October 18, 19 & 20, November 8 & 9, 2016


Mascoma Savings Bank
243 Sykes Mountain Avenue
White River Junction, VT


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Vanessa Druskat, Ph.D.

Vanessa is Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior. She teaches undergraduate, MBA, and Executive Development courses in leadership and work team effectiveness.  She is an award winning teacher and researcher.  Her article on building the emotional intelligence of work teams (with Steven B. Wolff) remained a top seller for the Harvard Business Review for over a decade.   Vanessa is a sought after speaker and consultant in the areas of leadership, team effectiveness and emotional intelligence.


Robert A. Gough, Jr., Ph.D.

Bob is president & CEO of Genovation, Inc., a global growth strategies firm.  He has twenty-five years of experience in management, operations, investment banking, and institutional capital markets and has been principally involved with Fortune 500 decision makers, both domestically and abroad.  He has lectured at leading colleges and universities including Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Duke, UCLA, Berkeley, and Wellesley.  He has been an Adjunct Profession of Management at UNH for the past 15 years.


Peter Lane, Ph.D.

An entrepreneur turned academic, Peter uses rigorous scholarship to address real-world problems in corporate strategy, leadership, change management and techno-logical innovation. Peter has worked with managers and executives in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Peter currently serves as the Associate Dean for Faculty and Administration as well as Professor of Strategic Management and Technology at the University of New Hampshire.


Daniel McCarthy, MA

Dan is director of Executive Development Programs.  Prior, Dan was responsible for all aspects of supervisory, management and executive development, including succession planning, at Paychex, Inc. and  Director of Leadership Excellence and Culture Development for Digital and Film Imaging Systems at Eastman Kodak. He’s the author of the award winning leadership development blog “Great Leadership”, and an influential voice in social media.


Anthony “Tuck” Pescosolido, Ph.D.

Tuck is Associate Professor of Management and Organizational Behavior at UNH. He has twenty years of experience coaching, consulting and training organizations in leadership development.  His research is focused on the dynamics of effective teams, specifically how leaders arise within teams and what they do to facilitate  team effectiveness.  


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Consortium Benefits

The concept:

A Consortium is an innovative educational collaboration between 2-8 like-minded, yet noncompeting organizations to build a leadership program that addresses the common needs of each organization.


Member organizations pay a yearly fee to join, which includes a minimum number of seats in the program. Consortium partners design the program based on common goals and needs.



The benefits:

HR leaders:

· Reinforce your reputations as HR innovators

· Collaborate and learn with a team of like-minded HR leaders

You drive the development of the curriculum – customized to meet the needs of each partner organization


Your organization:

· Use this program to help address your succession planning and leadership development challenges

· Retention and engagement of your high potential leaders

· Reinforce your brand presence as an employer of choice

· Reinforce your reputation as an educational leader and trusted business partner in the community

Job training funds may be available to offset 50% of the program fees


Your employees:

· An opportunity to build new skills

· Valuable networking opportunities with diverse leaders from non-competing organizations

· Career advancement

Innovation: leveraging external leadership best practices and ideas


The business community:

· Develop and retain the best employees

· Strengthen 2-8 organizations by building valuable leadership skills and helping to address the upcoming succession crisis


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Who Should Attend?

Nominees should meet this criteria:

· At least 5 years supervisory experience (not a program for new supervisors or those with no supervisory experience).

· Someone that the organization sees as “high potential”; often a succession planning candidate.

· A high performer that the organization wants to invest in to prepare them for potential “next level” roles (not a remedial program to “fix” problem leaders).

· Titles may vary depending on the size and type of organization. For example, a family owned medium sized manufacturing company “Shipping Supervisor” may be at the same level as a small bank “Vice President”. They both may have the same relative scope of responsibilities.

· Level of formal education is not as important as the participant’s ability to absorb and apply new leadership models, management tools, and make a positive contribution to the class.

· Being selected to participate in this program should be perceived as an honor; participants should be ready and eager to learn and participate.

· While individual strengths and development needs may vary, all participants will benefit from improving their leadership and management skills.



Nominations are accepted until September 6.  Review and admissions will occur on a rolling basis until all slots are filled.  When the program is full, nominees will be wait listed.


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